Lex Threatens Kara in Supergirl Back From The Future Part One Clip

It's no mystery that Lex Luthor is up to no good. Even with the Multiverse reborn and Earth-Prime presenting a reality in which Lex is esteemed as a good guy, Kara Danvers - and audiences - know nothing could be further from the truth. The iconic villain has an ulterior motive, one that Kara is determined to uncover which is why Lex is equally determined to not let that happen. The CW has released a new clip for Sunday night's episode of Supergirl, "Back From the Future Part One" showing Lex threatening Kara when she makes it clear she's got her eye on him.

In the clip, which you can check out for yourself below, Lex (Jon Cryer) confronts Kara (Melissa Benoist) about why apparently another journalist is also skeptical of his motives and lets her know if that person doesn't back off, his life will be in danger. On top of that, he menaces Kara about her secret identity, prompting her to crush her voice recorder.

As fans saw at the end of "Crisis on Infinite Earths," Lex survived and got a new life on the freshly-created Earth-Prime. In this reality, instead of being a known villain and criminal he was seen as a hero. He was back in charge of LuthorCorp and even ran the DEO, not to mention was recently awarded a Nobel Peace Prize. However, as a Paragon, Kara knew the truth about Lex and it seems that even on this new world there are questions about the man. William Dey (Staz Nair) revealed to Kara in Supergirl's midseason premiere that when the Luthor's took over the company of his friend Russell Rogers, Russel as killed - something he finds very suspicious.

Lex's true motivations is something that David Harewood, who directs "Back From the Future Part One", said would become clear during the episode.

"I think it's important for us to keep him in check," Harewood told ComicBook.com in a recent interview. "At the same time, we don't necessarily just want to stop him; first of all, we have to find out what he's doing, and I think that becomes clear through 5.11, is that we start to understand exactly what Lex Luthor's dastardly plan is."

You can check out the official synopsis for the episode below.


JEREMY JORDAN RETURNS; DAVID HAREWOOD DIRECTS – As Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) tries to thwart a Toyman copycat, Winn Schott (guest star Jeremy Jordan) returns from the future. David Harewood directed the episode written by Dana Horgan & Katie Rose Rogers (#511). Original airdate 1/26/2020.

Supergirl airs Sundays at 9/8c on The CW. "Back From the Future Part One" airs January 26.