Superman's Fortress of Solitude Has Moved

When you get to be Superman's age, the lures of a warmer climate can prove too great to resist, so [...]

Superman Fortress Solitude Bermuda Triangle Bendis

When you get to be Superman's age, the lures of a warmer climate can prove too great to resist, so the Man of Steel is making a big relocation for his home-away-from-home. In Brian Michael Bendis' Superman#1 Superman creates a new Fortress of Solitude, and it's located in the Bermuda Triangle.

The debut issue sees Superman's old arctic fortress destroyed, and Superman establishing a new one, by growing it out of a Kryptonian crystal which he plants in the ocean within the Bermuda Triangle. The location is definitely a different kind of climate, but no less harsh of one. The stormy ocean weather patterns should keep unwanted visitors away - though as Screen Rant notes, it's debatable if the Bermuda Triangle is still as remote and hidden as it used to be. Google Maps can pretty much find you anywhere, these days.

The Fortress of Solitude is the iconic place on Earth where Superman keeps a monument to his homeworld of Krypton, and often a collection of trophies and/or zoos of exotic alien creatures. It's exactly what the name would suggest: a place where Superman can go to relax and truly be himself, which is to say: both Clark Kent and "Kal-El," while giving "Superman" a break. The location has been so prevalent in the mythology that it's also been a major focus of every Superman movie franchise - whether it's the infamous showdown with General Zod in Superman II; the Kryptonian crystal real estate scheme Kevin Spacey's Lex Luthor tried to pull in Superman Returns; or the divisive changes Zack Snyder made by making the fortress a Kryptonian ship that crashed in the arctic, as seen in Man of Steel.

This new Fortress of Solitude Bendis has introduced is just one more reminder that comic books are an evolving medium with mythologies that change and evolve as well. It's a concept that seems to always get lost on the TV/movie side of things, where some fans try to insist that rigid fidelity is somehow more "pure" than the spirit of change comics books inherently come with. Brian Michael Bendis has already been making big sweeping changes to Superman with his take - and the Fortress of Solitude won't be the end of it.

Superman #1 is now on sale.