Superman Joins Twitter, Dives Into Immigration Debate

Few things are as debated at the moment in America as Immigration, and while there are a myriad of opinions about how we should handle it, I don't think anyone expected Superman to jump into the fray. That's exactly what DC did though when Superman got a Twitter account, and the hero didn't waste any time establishing who he is and what he's always been about. DC shared a video featuring a classic Superman PSA from 1960 titled Lend A Friendly Hand, which put a spotlight on two children looking down on another child because he is a refugee, and Superman breaks down what's wrong with their thinking.

The Superman account posted the video with the caption "For over 80 years, Superman has showed us the best in humanity. #ThrowbackThursday #TBT", and fans have quickly embraced it on social media.

The story focuses on Jim and another unnamed child who decide they don't want to bring a boy named Sandor along because he's a refugee and spout out stereotypical things like "those refugee kids can't talk English or play ball or anything". Superman then shows up and offers to take them on a trip to learn more about refugees and why they come to America, explaining that they are feeling because of political events, war or disaster.

He then shows them what a refugee camp looks like and tells the kids that while some of the children were actually born here they still don't know what a real home is like. Superman then points to some organizations that are trying to find them new homes in new countries and also tells them that they can help by being friendly toward boys like Sandor.

You can watch the full video above, and here are some of the reactions the post has received on Twitter.

"I feel like not enough people nowadays remember the symbolic importance of Superman as a guy who stands up for what's right. Keep fighting for truth and justic big blue!"

"Whenever right wing clowns complain about people like @aoc who fight against concentration camps, we should remind them they're just following Supermans advice"

"This Superman has just shown to a myriad of people in a war torn nation that he cares only about showing their struggle to two spoiled kids as if they were at the zoo. Stop spreading this bad video, make one with Peace on Earth (AKA the best Superman story in comics)."

"When your hero joins Twitter"


"Thank you for joining Twitter. You couldn’t have arrived at a more needed time. ❤️💛💙"

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