Superman & Lois Showrunner Teases Answers to Arrowverse Questions at the End of Season 2

The CW's Superman & Lois has been a big hit with fans who tune in each week to follow the adventures of Lois Lane (Elizabeth Tulloch) and Clark Kent/Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) as they try to juggle not only regular life but parenting two teen boys and the responsibilities that come with being a superhero. However, while fans have enjoyed the series — which was recently renewed for a third season — they do have one major complaint. The series has largely ignored the larger Arrowverse it is a part of. David Ramsey's John Diggle from Arrow paid the show a visit in Season 1 and more recently, the series saw Jenna Dewan appear as Lucy Lane, but this Lucy was a very different version than the one introduced in Supergirl's first season. And speaking of Supergirl, the series hasn't mentioned Kara Danvers or any of the rest of the Arrowverse. Now, series showrunner Todd Helbing says answers to the Arrowverse question are coming — and sooner than you may think.

During an appearance at WonderCon recently (via ScreenRant), Helbing explained that Superman & Lois would address the Arrowverse issue at the end of Season 2. Helbing told fans that all of the fan questions would be answered at that time.

"All I'll say is I think everybody has this question why we don't bring up Supergirl or The Flash or any other heroes and aside from us not being able to do crossovers and wanting to put our own stamp on this property, I'll just say at the end of this season you guys will get the answer to the questions you have," Helbing said.

Questions about lack of Arrowverse connections have been a constant for Superman & Lois and even Hoechlin has addressed them. During an appearance at FanExpo Vancouver in February, Hoechlin cited COVID-19 as one of the big reasons there hasn't been more interaction in the shared universe.

"I would say there are so many different layers to that, especially for us last year having COVID," Hoechlin told fans at FanExpo Vancouver. "I know there were ideas of doing crossovers and they just got scrapped right away. I mean even keeping your own production up and running was so difficult that it just got completely squashed. For us, at least for me, the way I have approached it from the beginning—again these are all conversations that go on between all kinds of people in L.A. and everywhere else— for us, we kind of just take care of what we're taking care of day-to-day. For me, knowing what Bitsie and I had done in the previous shows and how we had our infant child [before] coming into this world of having two teenagers, I just had to make sense in my mind how we got there and for me it was a clean slate. Because otherwise, I'd be asking questions, 'What happened to our infant child?'"

He continued, "So for me, just to clarify and make it easier for me to get into what we were doing, I just cut it and started over. So, whatever that ends up being, that's the thing with TV too—with film, you know where you start, you know where you finish. With TV, it's constantly evolving so it might be one thing today and it might be something completely different tomorrow or next week or a year from now. So, to say anything definitively, I know it's always annoying we don't do it, but it wouldn't be doing justice to it all. Because we don't know, it's never like a final answer until the show is over and then you get reboot. It never ends. So, for us right now, just at least the way I'm approaching it, it is that for me the only memory I have as this Clark is that this has been my life with these guys and that's just how I'm approaching it so who knows, time will tell with the rest."

The idea that Superman & Lois' characters are different and separate from the versions we've previously seen in the Arrowverse also lines up with something Helbing has said previously about how "Crisis on Infinite Earths" offered them the opportunity to "rewrite" characters — specifically Lucy Lane. While it's not clear exactly how Superman & Lois will end up addressing the Arrowverse at the end of Season 2 — and with several Arrowverse series not yet renewed there are still a lot of things up in the air — at this point it seems very possible that "Crisis" will factor in. Fans will just have to tune in to find out.


Superman & Lois airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.