'Superman: Red Son' Movie Reportedly in the Works

Some of the most popular stories from the history of DC Comics have been turned into animated feature films, and now it looks like Mark Millar's beloved Superman Elseworlds tale is joining the ranks.

According to a report from Revenge of the Fans, Warner Bros. Animation is moving forward with a Superman: Red Son movie.

The original comic series, which was released back in 2003, told the story of an alternate universe in which Superman landed in the Soviet Union instead of Kansas. This brought the ideals of "nature vs. nurture" to the forefront, and explored how being raised in 1950s Russia would have affected Superman's rise to power, and whether or not he would have held the same values.

In addition to breaking the news about the potential new project, Revenge of the Fans also shared the film's supposed cast list. None of these voice actors are assigned a role, but the list is filled with familiar names to fans of the DC Animated Universe.

The cast includes Amy Acker, Anna Vocino, Diedrich Bader, Greg Chun, Jim Ward, Jason Isaacs, Jason Spisak, Jim Meskimen, Paul Williams, Phil Lamarr, Phil Morris, Roger Craig Smith, Sasha Roiz, Tara Strong, Travis Willingham, Vanessa Marshall, William Salyers, and Winter Zoli.

There has yet to be any news as to who could voice Superman, but Travis Willingham would make the most sense, considering he's provided the voice of the character on several occasions. Deidrich Bader has voiced Batman multiple times in the past, and the Caped Crusader is a character that appears in Red Son, so that casting is a possibility as well.


While DC has yet to confirm this new film, Bader went a long way towards doing just that this week. Not long after the initial report went live on Twitter, the actor quoted the tweet with the phrase "Excited to be a part of this!" The tweet has since been deleted.

Are you excited for a potential Superman: Red Son movie? When do you think it could arrive? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!