'Superman: The Movie' 4K Remaster Rumored to Be in Production

Superman: The Movie might be among the most iconic superhero movies of all time, and it looks like [...]

Superman: The Movie might be among the most iconic superhero movies of all time, and it looks like fans could soon experience it in a new way.

According to a new report from Caped Wonder, a 4K UltraHD version of Superman: The Movie may be headed to home release. You can check out the post below.

The 40th anniversary is looking up! A 4K UHD of the first movie is coming! I have seen the stack of cans containing the original camera negatives for ‘Superman-The Movie’ at Warner Bros., and can now confirm that a new 4K scan (achieved with a new scanner) and remaster of the theatrical cut of ‘Superman-The Movie’ is underway. The box art featured here is a mock-up that I created and sent to Warner Bros. in March 2016 when I contacted them about doing a proper 4K UHD release. I have no confirmed release date. More details to follow. Stay Tuned! #christopherreeve #dccinematicuniverse #supermanthemovie #capedwonder #superman #supermanmovie #superman1978 #richarddonner #richarddonnersuperman #pinewoodstudios #dccomics #verisimilitude #superman40 #ilyasalkind #superhero #dccomics #warnerbrosstudios #4kscan #youllbelieveamancanfly #superman80 #superman80years #superman80thanniversary #sheppertonstudios #comicbooks #superhero #4k #4kuhd #superman4k #uhd #supermanthemovie4k #warnerhomevideo #sandiegocomiccon

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While this report is current unconfirmed, it could mark a major development in Superman: The Movie's legacy. The Christopher Reeve-led film is regarded as a cornerstone for many DC Comics fans, leading to it being inducted into the National Film Registry.

"For many, Christopher Reeve remains the definitive Man of Steel." the National Film Registry said in a statement. "This film, an 'origins' story, recounts Superman's journey to Earth as a boy, his move from Smallville to Metropolis and his emergence as a true American hero. Beautiful in its sweep, score and special effects, which create a sense of awe and wonder, Superman — as the tag line reads — makes you 'believe a man can fly.'"

And to an extent, Superman: The Movie has even been regarded as a sort of blueprint for modern comic book movies.

"I always hesitate to come off as the person who is bestowing advice on people. It's not really what I do. What I do know is, they're great characters," Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige explained in an interview last month. "They're great characters, they're good comics, they've got great history. I'm not shy about saying, Richard Donner's Superman I still think is the paradigm by which we all still should follow. It's all there."

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