'The Flash': Grant Gustin Thanks Fans for Teen Choice Awards Wins

The Flash has become a bonafide mainstay of The CW, and it looks like the series' star is grateful [...]

The Flash has become a bonafide mainstay of The CW, and it looks like the series' star is grateful for its accolades.

Grant Gustin, who stars as Barry Allen/The Flash, recently took to Instagram to address the show's recent Teen Choice Awards wins. During last night's ceremonies, The Flash went home with Choice Action TV Show, while Gustin himself went home with Choice Action TV Actor.

Even with this not being Gustin's first win at the Teen Choice Awards, his post about the matter is still endearing, especially the notion that he's so excited about The Flash's fifth season.

"I've been comparing [the season five premiere] to our pilot," Gustin told reporters during last month's San Diego Comic-Con. "I think it's our best [season premiere] since our pilot. We've got an action sequence in it that's something straight out of the comics, that when I read in 2013 while I was shooting Arrow and dreaming of stuff we could do someday on Flash. We're doing something i never though we'd be able to do....I don't want to speak too soon, but I think it could be our best season. It'll be what Flash should be."

And with that new season will come plenty of new changes - the arrival of Nora Allen/XS (Jessica Parker Kennedy), a new comic-accurate suit for Barry, and the threat of David Hersch/Cicada (Chris Klein).

"It is nice to have a villain that we can change up what Barry's obstacle and the team's obstacles are, and how to take somebody down." executive producer Todd Helbing told ComicBook.com after the Season 4 finale. "The Thinker, DeVoe, [was] a lot of fun and we certain see the benefits of doing that. Having a meta that isn't a speedster and the new ways that we can pose challenges for those guys is fun. So I think for next season, it's certainly not going to be a speedster."

The fifth season of The Flash will debut on Tuesday, October 9th, at 8/7c on The CW.