Paul Thomas Anderson Expresses Interest In Making Teen Titans Movie

Acclaimed director Paul Thomas Anderson is known for his meticulously crafted films, featuring deft acting and intricate plots that are usually worthy of more than a few Academy Awards.

That's why his answer was surprising when he revealed that he'd direct a very specific superhero adaptation, if given the choice. The Phantom Thread director was asked what kids cartoon he would bring to live on the big screen, and his answer may shock you.

Now, of course it should be noted that Anderson wasn't asked which superhero movie he would like to direct specifically, but which children's cartoon. And, of course, the Teen Titans have become more resonant among children today for the Cartoon Network series Teen Titans GO! rather than their appearances in classic comic books.

But the fact that Anderson even suggested the Teen Titans to begin with has our minds spinning. What would his version of the team even look like? How beautiful would the establishing shots of Titans Tower be? Would Daniel Day Lewis play Deathstroke? Would he even touch the Terra relationship? Probably?

Anderson is best known for being an auteur, first and foremost. Seeing his sensibilities applied to a big superhero franchise would be… well, it would be shocking.

It should be noted that Teen Titans GO! is already being brought to the big screen, as the team responsible for the popular, long-running animated series are making a movie with the same lovable voice cast.

Of course, that movie likely won't attempt to mimic any aspect of Anderson's work except for in the most basic form of parody, but now that the director mentioned the prospect, we're hoping for some sort of Easter Egg.


Teen Titans GO! to The Movies premieres in theaters on July 27th.