Original 'Teen Titans' Series Revival Possible on One Major Condition

While the classic DC Comics team of Robin, Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy, and Cyborg are getting ready for their big screen debut, some fans are still sore over the previous iteration of the Teen Titans being overlooked.

But if Teen Titans GO! to the Movies does well at the box office, it's possible that the original Teen Titans series could see a revival, as stated by the voice of Raven herself Tara Strong.

Strong continues to voice the goth-obsessed superhero in Teen Titans GO!, alongside the other actors who originally brought the characters to life.

The original Teen Titans series ran from 2003 to 2006 on Cartoon Network, being a more nuanced superhero story that fans of DC animated series are used to. The show ended without a major resolution and fans have been clamoring for its return ever since.

And while it seemed like fans' prayers were answered, Teen Titans GO! is a much different affair, embracing ridiculous comedy in lieu of drama and high-stakes superhero action. The series has proven to be a hit among younger audiences, but some fans of the original series are not happy with how the new series has gone.

Of course that hasn't dampened the popularity of Teen Titans GO!, which is earning the distinction of being successful enough for Warner Bros. that they are confident in the show translating to a theater-going audience.

But Teen Titans GO! has not stopped fans from asking for more of the original series, and this is not the first tease at the potential for a revival of the first iteration of the animated series.

Earlier this year at WonderCon in Anaheim, California, Teen Titans GO! producer Michael Jelenic was asked if a reboot or reimagining of the original series was in the works. Jelenic sounded more than hopeful in his response.

Jelenic told fans that a reboot of the original series was "almost guaranteed," to the delight of fans in attendance and around the world.

There's precedence for such a revival, especially with the impending launch of the streaming platform DC Universe. After the series Young Justice was made available on Netflix four years after its cancelation, the renewed interest caused Warner Bros. to commission the third season of the series and make it one of the flagship series on their new digital service.


We'll see if Teen Titans goes a similar route after Teen Titans GO! premieres in theaters on July 27th.