'The Batman' Movie Director Matt Reeves Celebrates Batman Day With A Special Message

Today is when comic and movie fans celebrate everything that is Batman, and the director of the [...]

Today is when comic and movie fans celebrate everything that is Batman, and the director of the anticipated and mysterious Batman film Matt Reeves is also getting in on the fun.

Reeves decided to celebrate the Dark Knight's big day with a GIF of the Batman family dancing with the header "Move Your Body". Robin (Damian Wayne), Batgirl (Stephanie Brown), Batman (Bruce Wayne), The Red Hood (Joker), and Red Robin (Dick Grayson) are all getting down, and Reeves captioned it with "Happy #BatmanDay !!! 🦇."

Batman Day will include a variety of Batman-themed celebrations at several retailers, and that includes getting an early copy of the first chapter of Batman: White Knight. The Sean Murphy written and drawn book will be available at participating retailers a full month ahead of release, and will also include a preview of DC's new Black Label series Batman: Damned.

Those same retailers will also have the first chapter of Batman: A Lot Of Li'l Gotham available and an online activity kit available for younger fans. DC is also celebrating the big day with a Batman Day digital sale that takes place from September 11th to the 17th and will mark down hundreds of Batman eBooks on ReadDC.com, ComiXology, Google Play, Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, and iTunes.

Your favorite bookstore might also have some Batman Day festivities going on, as DC's partners HarperCollins, Random House Children's Books, Penguin Random House, DK, Simon & Schuster, and Scholastic will all have different events set up at bookstores, comic shops, and libraries to enjoy.

As for The Batman, there still isn't a lot known about the upcoming film. We do know Reeves basically started from scratch on the script, the original of which was done by Ben Affleck. That script featured Deathstroke playing a big part in the story, but it isn' known if that is still the case.

We also don't know if Affleck, who at one point was directing and starring in the movie, is now even going to be involved at all. It's been rumored that he will not be in the cape and cowl for the film, paving the way for someone else to take the mantle.

For now, we'll have to wait and see, as the film is still a bit far away, and Reeves evidently just finished a script not too long ago.

How are you celebrating Batman Day? Let us know in the comments!