The Batman Movie Rumored to Be Set in the '90s

Warner Bros. and DC's The Batman is still shrouded in mystery, and most of what we do know is what [...]

Warner Bros. and DC's The Batman is still shrouded in mystery, and most of what we do know is what the film is not going to be as opposed to what it will end up being. Director Matt Reeves has let a few things out about the which direction his Dark Night is taking, including that it will be focused on a more noir Batman tale that puts an emphasis on his detective skills as opposed to his fist. If this newest rumor turns out to be true, we also might know that it will take place in the past.

The 1990s to be exact. According to Discussing Film, Reeves' Batman film will take fans back to the 1990s, showing us a younger version of Batman (via Batman News). That fits with the decision to recast the part, as previous Batman Ben Affleck recently departed the role that he played in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League. This would also most likely mean that the other Gotham characters who debuted in both of those movies, like J.K Simmons' Commissioner Gordon and Jeremy Irons' Alfred, would also be recast.

We do know that the film will take a departure from other more recent Batman interpretations and focus on his title of World's Greatest Detective. Previous films have focused more on his equipment (the Batmobile, Bat-Wing, various bikes, etc) or his ability to fight and persevere through injuries. Occasionally we'll see him create a gadget or two, but his ingenuity hasn't been the focus, and neither has his mental capacity.

Batman's greatest strength is to be one step ahead, and when presented with a puzzle he painstakingly takes apart the crime scene and follows every lead. That's what makes him such a great hero, and Reeves seems to be honing in on that with his latest interpretation.

No casting announcements have been made regarding the Batman role, but we're certainly intrigued to see who gets the chance to don the cape and cowl. As the film takes place in the past, DC could also be free of all the current continuity presented in Justice League and BvS, though with the recasting, this film will likely bear little affiliation with those movies anyway, and seems to be its own thing.

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