The Batman Villains Could Get Their Own Spinoff Movies

DC movie fans got something of a thrill earlier this month, when a story broke that claimed that [...]

DC movie fans got something of a thrill earlier this month, when a story broke that claimed that Warner Bros. had met with Todd Phillips about Joker sequel, as well as launching an entire line of DC villain standalone films. That report was later debunked as false (or at the very least, a bit premature), but now it seems like at least the latter part of it may turn out to be true. A new feature article on Warner Bros. current plans for the next phase of its DC movie universe has revealed the Matt Reeves The Batman reboot could be the launchpad for some new DC villain movies!

As Variety reports in its feature on the future of the DC movie universe:

"The studio is farther along when it comes to Bruce Wayne's alter ego, having re-cast the role most recently played by Ben Affleck with the younger and edgier Robert Pattinson... He will don the cape and cowl in "The Batman," which will be directed by Matt Reeves ("Dawn of the Planet of the Apes") and will feature villains such as the Riddler (Paul Dano), Penguin (Colin Farrell), and Catwoman (Zoe Kravitz)... If the movie works, Warner Bros. and DC believe that any of these villains could headline their own spinoff movies. Key cast members in both "The Batman" and "Birds of Prey" have contract options to appear in sequels and standalone films."

For DC movie fans (and haters), this report is not saying much that hasn't been said before. Since the time that the DC movie universe was still being referred to as the "DC Extended Universe," Warner Bros. has been teasing the possibility that films could lead to spinoffs that could lead to "event" films, that could lead to massive crossovers, etc. Very little to none of it has been delivered. At the same time, the studio has definitely been careful in its selection of cast members to play the iconic Batman rogues gallery - each of them (Paul Dano, Colin Farrell, Zoe Kravitz) are stars that have anchored their own movies in the past, and are viable to do it again under the DC Films banner.

Of the group, Zoe Kravitz's Catwoman seems like an easy pick to spinoff into her own film. The character has an extensive backstory in Batman lore, and recent comics have brought her and Batman closer than ever. DC fans could also use an authentic Catwoman movie to erase the memory of that abysmal Halle Berry version from the 2000s.

Joker is now in theaters. Upcoming DC Movies include Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) on February 7, 2020, Wonder Woman 1984 on June 5, 2020, The Batman on June 25, 2021, The Suicide Squad on August 6, 2021, and Aquaman 2 on December 16, 2020. The Flash is set to go into production in 2021.