The Flash: Concept Art Of Laurel Lance As Black Siren

Professional conceptual artist Andy Poon has shared concept art of Black Siren (played by Katie Cassidy), Laurel Lance's Earth-2 doppelgänger and the leader of Zoom's army of Earth-2 meta-humans.

Black Siren made her destructive debut in the 22nd episode of Season 2, titled "Invincible" (original airdate 5/17/2016), using her Canary Cry to level Mercury Labs and put The Flash — who was stunned to see Laurel's face again after her recent Earth-1 death — flat on his back. Later in the episode, when she and every Earth-2 inhabitant was disoriented and knocked out Dr. Wells's device, Black Siren was put away in the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator. Maybe we'll see her again one day.

Like her Black Canary suit, Black Siren is decked out in a costume that is almost entirely black leather; however, the cut of the outfit, the way her makeup is applied, and her is styled has a goth-like flair to it. You know, to make her appear more evil. The biggest differences are the long-coat and that she doesn't wear a mask, but as you can see in the artwork below, a mask was initially designed for her.


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