'The Flash's Danielle Panabaker Calls on Funko to Make More Killer Frost Figures

When it comes to the popular Funko POP figures, the one of The Flash character Killer Frost has a particularly passionate set of fans. The POP for Killer Frost, introduced as a New York Comic Con exclusive last year, sold out very quickly leaving many fans empty-handed. It's a situation that Killer Frost actress Danielle Panabaker herself has some questions about -- and she's taken to Twitter about the situation.

On Twitter Friday afternoon, Panabaker took matters into her owns by tweeting a pretty straightforward message to Funko: where are the Killer Frost figures?

While Panabaker's question was framed as a "where can they be found" for many that question was really much larger: when will there be more of them and, even beyond that, when will there be more female The Flash characters given the POP treatment? Many fans replied to Panabaker's tweet with their own requests not just for more Killer Frost Funkos, but for one of her alter ego, Caitlin Snow, as well. Others chimed in with various stories about not being able to get the figure when it was released due to selling out so quickly and that since then, they've been driven to the secondary market with prices as high as $130 while also noting that it's been easier to find the POPs of male characters -- because more of those were made.

To date, Killer Frost is the only female The Flash character to get a Funko POP figure. It's a situation that troubled fans and the stars of The Flash last year when the lineup was revealed ahead of New York Comic Con last fall. When the lineup was initially revealed, it featured POPs of The Flash, Kid Flash, Vibe, and Jay Garrick prompting both Panabaker and Iris West Allen actor Candice Patton to say something about it on Twitter.

"Missed opportunity for some kickass female characters on our show," Patton wrote at the time. "Next time?"

The sentiment was something that Panabaker also addressed in an interview last year about the number of female characters on The CW series.

"For so long our cast was just two women, [myself and Danielle Panabaker]," Patton said. "My question was always like, 'When are we getting more women?" We'd go through another season and we'd add a male. And then the next season, we'd add another male. We're going into Season 5, we just added two women of color [Jessica Parker Kennedy and Danielle Nicolet] on our show as series regulars, bringing our number of female regulars on the show up to four, which is amazing. I mean, if you would have said that to my 14-year-old self, there’s no way I would have believed you."

When it comes to the Killer Frost POP, however, thus far Funko hasn't responded to Panabaker's Twitter question so fans will have to wait and see if perhaps another figure of the beloved character is coming.

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

Were you able to get the Killer Frost Funko POP last year? Let us know in the comments below.



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