'The Flash' Star Talks Tom Felton's Absence in Season 4

Fans were disappointed when it was revealed that Tom Felton would not be returning to The Flash for season four. Now, Danielle Panabaker opens up on the lack of Felton's Julian Albert.

While Panabaker, who plays Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost on The CW series, didn't directly discuss Felton directly, she did open up about the Julian-Caitlin relationship — or lack thereof. Panabaker told DigitalSpy that Caitlin just wasn't that into him.

"Here's the one thing I will say about Caitlin's relationship with Julian last year — I think he was more into her than she was into him."

But before you feel bad for Julian, Panabaker has a rational explanation for why Caitlin wasn't in the best place for a relationship last season.

"She was dealing with so much personal stuff, so much turmoil, as she was learning about her powers. So, I think it's a loss for the show and for Team Flash, but I don't know that Caitlin feels Julian's absence as deeply as she felt, for example, [her late fiancé] Ronnie's absence."

Of course, that "personal stuff" went beyond sorting out her powers. Panabaker says that the entire Savitar/Barry situation was hard on Caitlin as well and was part of what prompted her to step away from the team.

"She'd been through so much, and was so confused. I think the whole Savitar/Barry thing was very difficult for her, and I think she needed some time to step away from Team Flash, and sort of find herself, and find her own power again," Panabaker said.

Finding Caitlin's power again might be a challenge, though. Panabaker told ComicBook.com previously that fans of both Caitlin and her evil alter ego Killer Frost will enjoy season four, hinting that audiences will get to see more of the villain.


"Fans who love Caitlin Snow won't be disappointed and fans who love Killer Frost won't be disappointed," Panabaker said.

The Flash's fourth season premieres Oct. 10 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.