The Flash: Hartley Sawyer Teases The One Scene He Wants in the Arrowverse

When it comes to The CW's Arrowverse crossovers -- both the big, official, multi-episode events and the smaller moments when characters from one show pop up on others -- it’s the interactions between the characters of the different shows that are often among the most entertaining for fans and for the actors as well. Many of the stars of the Arrowverse have spoken in the past about what characters they'd love to have a scene or two with in the grand scheme of things and for The Flash's Hartley Sawyer, he also has a character he'd love to see Ralph Dibny interact with -- and even knows how it should go down.

In a recent interview with Hollywood Life, Sawyer was asked who he would like to see Ralph interact with. The answer? Superman (Tyler Hoechlin), with the pair going on a long road trip together.

"There's a couple that would be really fun," Sawyer said. "I mean, obviously, this will never happen, but I would love to see Ralph and Superman on a road trip, like in a car for five hours. What would they talk about? Where would it go?"

The idea of Superman and Ralph on a road trip together is a pretty funny one, we have to admit. Given that Superman is polite and just a really good guy and Ralph has a tendency to be over the top and a little abrasive, watching the pair of heroes adventuring on a long car trip could provide so many humorous moments -- Superman trying to just smile and be nice when Ralph sings along to bad songs off key, trying to deal with who gets to control the radio, Ralph is probably someone who needs a lot of snacks and bathroom breaks... Of course, Sawyer also had another character he'd like to see Ralph interact with that is a bit more plausible, at least in terms of the upcoming "Crisis on Infinite Earths" crossover.

"Or Batwoman... I would love to see those two characters together," Sawyer said. "There's such a juxtaposition there that would be so much fun to play off of that I think would be so much fun."

Sawyer isn't the only Arrowverse actor who is excited about the opportunities for crossovers and interactions between the various characters. Batwoman star Ruby Rose recently told that she, too, is looking forward to the crossover interactions -- including potentially some she can't really talk about just yet.


"Oh my God, I’m so thrilled. I’m thrilled," Rose said. "We do the crossover as well as like three other things that I don’t think I can talk about all in that same two week period, which is absolutely monstrous as a schedule but very exciting as an actor. The crossover is the best because you get to work with all the other actors. But I just think, of course. They’ve all done it a year, two years, three years, six years. They know their characters so well, and I went in just knowing what very little that I knew and just doing it. And that was great, and it was so much fun. Stephen and Melissa are lovely. But I think when I go in now, I know who Kate is, I know who Batwoman is, and it’s just going to be a different experience."

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