'The Flash': Will Joe and Cecile's Baby Be SPOILER?

On tonight's episode of The Flash, Joe and Cecile found out two surprising pieces of information [...]

On tonight's episode of The Flash, Joe and Cecile found out two surprising pieces of information regarding Cecile's pregnancy, and both could have interesting implications for the future.

Spoilers for tonight's episode of The Flash, "Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash," below.

Now that Cecile's is a little bit further along in her pregnancy and starting to show, she has started to experience some side effects. In Cecile's case, she's started being able to read minds, and the newfound ability is enough to send her and Joe to Caitlin to check and see if the baby is all right. While no trace of metahuman abilities is found with the fetus, Cecile's new telepathic powers let them find out that the baby they are expecting is a girl. While this is exciting for Team Flash -- particularly Iris who will get a baby sister -- fans are already wondering what place in the world of The Flash this baby will have with many speculating on a very specific character: Daniel West, better known as the New 52's Reverse Flash.

Now, you might be saying to yourself right now that if Baby West is a girl there's no way we're getting Daniel West. However, let's not be so quick to dismiss that theory, but before we get too deep, a quick primer. In comics, specifically the New 52, Daniel West is Iris West's brother. He gets his powers -- which include the standard speedster power set along with a bonus of claws -- following an incident with the Rogues. Instead of using these newfound powers for good, Daniel took a dark turn. It's worth noting that in comics, Daniel West doesn't have a good dad like Joe. Instead, Iris and Daniel's dad is an abusive drunk, setting Daniel up for a less-than-ideal life to start with, but once he gets powers, he is vicious. He turns back time, kills his father, starts murdering people with Speed Force abilities and draining them of it. He is, eventually, convinced by The Flash to give up his powers and ends up in Iron Heights before dying when he joined the Suicide Squad.

Sounds pretty horrible as speedster villains go, but how do we get from Baby Girl West to Daniel? For starters, the show could simply gender bend the character. Daniel West from comics could be Danielle West on The Flash, and while it's unlikely that Joe would be an abusive parent, some other tragedy could befall young Danielle that would send her down a dark path -- maybe the death of one or both of her parents, perhaps. Both of these details could set up for a future where Cecile and Joe's daughter is a villain. There's also a way that we could still see a future Daniel West: a second Flashpoint.

We've already seen the gender of a child in the Arrowverse change thanks to Barry's time travel and meddling. On Arrow, Diggle's daughter, Sara, became his son, John, because of Flashpoint. While Barry has seemingly learned his lesson about time travel, it's not impossible that he won't have a reason to travel into the past or the future again, potentially creating another timeline reset, turning Baby Girl West into a boy and, eventually Daniel. Considering the bleak, near-future we've seen via Arrow's "Star City 2046" and Zari's home time on Legends of Tomorrow and considering that in comics "The Trial of The Flash" sees Barry go to the future, something going wrong with the timeline may be more likely than we think.

Oh, and there's one more thing to consider. A banner celebrating The Flash's premiere contained an image of the Reverse Flash with a costume that looked an awful lot like Daniel's in comics.

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