John Wesley Shipp Reveals Team-Up He Would Like to See on 'The Flash'

The Flash series regular John Wesley Shipp has some ideas of who Jay Garrick should team up with on Earth-3.

During the Flash panel at Dragon Con in Atlanta yesterday, Heroic Hollywood reports that Shipp — who plays both Barry's father Henry Allen and Earth-3's Flash Jay Garrick — revealed to fans that the team up he'd really like to see is Jay with DC Comics' Rose and Thorn and he'd like Nora Allen actress Michelle Harrison in the role.

"One person I'd like to interact with on my show, now that I'm an Earth-3 Jay Garrick... How many of you people know about the character Rose and Thorn?" Shipp said before pointing to Michelle Harrison.

For those unfamiliar with the character, Rose and Thorn refers to Rhosyn "Rose" Forrest who first appeared in 'Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane' in 1970. Rose is the daughter of a Metropolis police officer who is killed by a criminal gang. Rose, who has multiple personalities, turns into Thorn when she goes to sleep and the Thorn personality would hit the streets seeking justice.

It would be an interesting pairing for Jay Garrick and one that Harrison herself seems up for.

"Green costume and the black boots. I've been waiting for that for a long time," Harrison told fans.


While fans would no doubt love to see more of any version of Shipp and Harrison’s various characters, for now Team Flash has its hands full protecting Central City in Barry Allen's absence. The speedster surrendered himself to the Speed Force last season, leaving Team Flash to figure out how to keep the city safe and save Barry when season four premieres in October.

The Flash season four will premiere on Tuesday, October 10th at 8 p/m. on The CW.

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