The Flash: Katee Sackhoff "Absolutely" Wants to Return as Amunet Black

Fans of The CW's The Flash were delighted earlier this year when Katee Sackhoff returned to reprise her role as Amunet Black in the Valentine's Day-themed episode "Love is a Battlefield". It was the first fans had seen of Team Flash's old foe since "Crisis on Infinite Earths" but the villain was up to her old tricks, giving the heroes a run for their money with a delightful and slightly deranged mix of menace and mirth. It wasn't just fans that enjoyed seeing Amunet return, however. Katee Sackhoff also had fun reprising the character and she's up to doing it again. Sackhoff recently told Discussing Film that she'd love to once again return to The Flash.

In a recent interview, Sackhoff described The Flash as the most fun she's had in the entertainment industry and praised the freedom the show has given her in creating the Amunet character.

"Oh, 100 percent. Amunet and The Flash are hands down the most fun I've had in this industry because there has been such freedom in creating this character that is just so over the top," Sackhoff said. "They've really given me that freedom and what's born out of it is just so much joy because I'm getting to do what I wanted to do when I was a little kid, which is playing characters that are so far from myself. I absolutely would go back anytime they want me to."

Amunet's appearance in "Love is a Battlefield" marked the first time Sackhoff appeared on the show with Eric Wallace as showrunner and she had high praise for the experience as well, noting that Wallace and everyone on the show was supportive of the choices she made for the character.

It's great. Every time that I've gone over to The Flash, everybody has always, always from the very beginning been so supportive and welcoming," she said. "It's such a fun character to play. That being said, as a performer it also takes a lot of confidence and it's really, really important to have a supportive group around you to do something that you haven't done before. For me, I really wanted to lean in hard to Amunet being crazy. Part of her being crazy was her accent and the way that she moves."


"It took a lot of sleepless nights leading up to my first day to build up the confidence to actually do it because it was something that was decided by myself and the old showrunner," she continued. "To his credit (Eric Wallace), when I showed up on day one and said, "I want to do this," he said "She's going to do this" and everyone went, "Okay, great, let her do it"! It ended up being so important to who Amunet is because it really helps the audience understand that she is a loose cannon."

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