The Flash: Mia Queen Returns in "Armageddon, Part 5" Synopsis

The CW has released the synopsis for "Armageddon, Part 5" the conclusion to the five-part "Armageddon" event kicking off the eighth season of The Flash. The episode will see the return of Mia Queen (Katherine McNamara), one of several returning Arrowverse characters who make an appearance in the event. According to the synopsis, Mia will come from the future on a mission of her own – a mission that she won't let anyone deter her from. Fans last saw the character during the series finale for Arrow when she attended the funeral service for her father, Oliver Queen/Green Arrow (Stephen Amell) who sacrificed himself to save the universe. You can check out the episode synopsis for yourself below.

"THE EXCITING CONCLUSION TO THE FIVE PART ARMAGEDDON EVENT BRINGS THE RETURN OF MIA QUEEN – The conclusion to Armageddon presents an opportunity for The Flash (Grant Gustin) to end his lifelong battle with Reverse Flash (guest star Tom Cavanagh) for good, but the payoff could be too much for Barry and team to handle. Meanwhile, Mia Queen (guest star Katherine McNamara) drops in from the future looking to save a lost loved one, and she won't let anything stand in her way. Menhaj Huda directed the episode written by Kristen Kim."

The idea that Mia is looking to save a lost loved one is a particularly interesting detail of the synopsis. The penultimate episode of Arrow, "Green Arrow & The Canaries", was a backdoor pilot for a spinoff that would have centered around Mia as Green Arrow operating in Star City in 2040 with Dinah Drake/Black Canary and Laurel Lance/Black Siren. The episode closed with cloaked figures ambushing Mia and her brother at a memorial statue dedicated to Oliver with William ending up kidnapped. The spinoff was unfortunately not picked up by The CW, so Mia's appearance in "Armageddon" may serve as an opportunity to wrap up that cliffhanger – and The Flash showrunner Eric Wallace has even suggested fans should revisit that backdoor pilot.

"You might need to. I'm not saying the Black Canaries are in the show alongside Mia, but those events mattered, right? They mattered," Wallace said. "So be prepared to continue Mia's journey in a very unexpected way, but yet in a way that makes sense and honors her past. That was very important to us."

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW. "Armageddon, Part 5" airs on Tuesday, December 14th.