'The Flash' Set Photo Shows Another Look at Nora's Superhero Costume

After The CW left fans of The Flash with a major cliffhanger in the season finale, it looks like [...]

After The CW left fans of The Flash with a major cliffhanger in the season finale, it looks like we are closer to learning more about his time-traveling daughter Nora West-Allen AKA XS.

A new set photo just hit online with actress Jessica Parker Kennedy's stunt double, and she's wearing a costume that diehard Flash fans are likely to recognize. Take a look below:

That superhero costume looks a lot like that of the Legion of Super-Heroes version of the character, especially with it being purple with a white chest design. That design is also a callback to the Tornado Twins' costumes, with the chest logo of the tornado being a riff off of the Flash's own lightning bolt identifier.

It looks like the creative heads behind The Flash are taking influence from many of the different versions of their future offspring. The name "Nora" comes from the recent Justice League run where Barry Allen has kids with Green Lantern Jessica Cruz, while Dawn Allen is one half of the Tornado Twins (with her brother Don) who is a child of Barry and Iris West. The superhero XS is actually Barry's granddaughter, and the daughter of Dawn Allen.

Nora West-Allen is set to be a big part in The Flash Season 5, though she'll take more after her father than her mother. Kennedy spoke with Newsarama about her role, teasing what fans can expect when the series returns.

"Something has obviously happened for me to feel much closer to my father than my mother," Kennedy said. "It's something you'll find out relatively early on in the season."

That bond with her father looks like it's expanding to the field of crime fighting.

"Personality-wise, I think she's a lot like Barry." Kennedy revealed. "Certainly, the way Barry was early on. She's finding her footing. She's goofy, she's dorky, she's very young spirited. She is prone to making mistakes and other people needing to clean them up. That's just sort of where she's at right now. She's in the experimental phase of her life."

Candace Patton spoke about Iris' reaction to the situation earlier this year, explaining that she's eager to learn more about her future daughter.

""I mean, I think anyone in that position would be like 'What the...?" Patton said at POPUGAR's Play/Ground Festival. "You know. Because it's weird, her daughter came back from the future, essentially at the same age that [Iris] is currently. So, it's super trippy. I think both her and Barry are kinda like 'What the hell?'"

The fifth season of The Flash will debut on Tuesday, October 9th, at 8/7c on The CW.