'The Flash' Recap With Spoilers: "The Elongated Knight Rises"

'The Elongated Knight Rises' starts off in the middle of a riot at Iron Heights. The guards are [...]

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"The Elongated Knight Rises" starts off in the middle of a riot at Iron Heights. The guards are getting overpowered, and Barry decides the use his powers to take all of the inmates back to their respective cells. He's able to get back into his own cell without anyone catching him.

Elsewhere in Central City, Joe and the rest of the Central City PD is in a standoff with a bank robber who's wired himself with a bomb. While Joe distracts the robber, Dibny is able to enter the bank and save the hostages.The robber sets off the bomb, which Dibny is able to contain, saving everyone involved.

Iris, Cisco, Caitlin, and Ralph are back at STAR Labs watching a news report of the standoff situation earlier, and Ralph begins begging the crew to come up with a superhero name for himself. Iris lets them know that she and her father will be meeting with a judge to discuss Barry's appeal process soon.

Barry's talking to Axel Walker — The Trickster — in the courtyard at Iron Heights. He's walking away when he's tripped and accidentally scuffs another inmate's shoes. A guard intervenes and tells Barry that his 1:30 visitor has arrived to see him. Barry goes to the visitation area, where Iris is waiting to talk to him. They spend a few moments talking about the case before Barry's whisked away.

Axel's directed to the prison infirmary, where he appears to be suffering from a bad stomach ache. The nurse in the infirmary injects the guard with a sedative before revealing herself to be an associate of Axel's. She's come to break Axel out of prison.

Joe is investigating the escape of the Trickster when he sees Barry mopping the hall. He offers Barry some words of encouragement.

The group's investigating Axel's escape and make the connection that the nurse that broke Axel out is his mother, the former lover of the original Trickster.

Barry's lifting weights when the inmates from the courtyard approach him, before Big Sir (Bill Goldberg) steps in and knocks them all out.

Trickster hacks the communication channels in Central City, and he calls out Dibny for a fight. Dibny sees the challenge and has Cisco vibe him to the scene. After dodging the Trickster's first few attacks, Dibny is soon squirted with acid and requires rescuing from Cisco.

The team is treating Dibny's injuries, and they conclude that the Trickster has come up with a new concoction to injure Dibny.

Out in the Iron Heights courtyard, Barry notices that Iris is late to her daily visitation appointment. He looks over to see Big Sir pumping iron and approaches his new acquaintance, asking him why he helped out earlier. Big Sir tells Barry that he received help from Barry's father once upon a time.

The Trickster takes over the television station again, showing Team Flash that they've taken hostages and are hosting a madhouse version of a game show. Axel's mom, who's now going by Prank, tells them that the "stretchy man" has an hour to turn himself in otherwise the hostages will get an acid bath.

Cisco gifts Dibny a new suit, but the new hero turns it down, refusing to help out. He tells Caitlin that he doesn't want to help out now that he knows he can get hurt.

Dibny then goes to visit Barry at Iron Heights, telling the speedster that he's arrived to break him out. Ralph tries to convince Barry to phase out of the prison so that he can stop the Trickster. He admits to Barry that he's hesitant to go back into the field because he's afraid to get hurt. After a quick pep talk, Barry convinces Ralph to do just that.

Iris gets an alert; their computer has found the location that Trickster and Prank are holding their hostages.

Barry confronts Big Sir in the hallway and the latter tells Barry that his father performed an emergency appendectomy on him, saving his life. That's why Big Sir saved Barry from the courtyard bullies earlier.

Cisco, Caitlin — who's now turned into Killer Frost — and Wells converge on Trickster's location.

Ralph gets back to STAR Labs and tells Iris that he's willing to help out, and she gives him the suit Cisco helped make.

Big Sir turns down a corner and starts getting jumped by the people he stopped earlier. Barry soon finds out and approaches them, getting them to stop beating up Big Sir. Barry uses his powers to speed around and make two of the guys punch each other before Barry takes out the third one himself.

Cisco and Killer Frost are found and tied up by the Trickster and Prank. They're about to receive an acid bath when Ralph breaks through the ceiling in an attempt to stop the mother-son duo. Before too long, Ralph's able to knock out both the Trickster and Prank.

Joe hauls both Trickster and Prank away while Ralph talks to a handful of reporters. It's there a reporter coins the term "The Elongated Man."

Iris goes to visit Barry in prison, and he phases his hand through the glass so that they can briefly hold hands.

Cisco and Ralph are having coffee at Jitters when the lady we saw Barry talk to at his wedding steps forward to pay for their coffee.