The Flash: Robbie Amell Addresses If Ronnie Raymond Is Really Dead's own Brandon Davis had the chance to sit down with The Flash actor Robbie Amell this past weekend at Heroes and Villians Fan Fest in Atlanta, Georgia.

Robbie Amell played the role of Caitlyn Snow's fiance and STAR Labs engineer Ronnie Raymond on Season 1 of The Flash.

So far, Ronnie Raymond as himself, Firestorm, and Deathstorm has been killed off on The Flash a total of three times. However with the events of Flashpoint in Season 3, fans are wondering if Ronnie may return in the current alternate timeline.

Brandon Davis finally got a chance to ask Robbie Amell face to face if there is a chance he is still alive in the Arrowverse:

"Well the nice thing is when you're dead in that universe there is always another Earth, but I think that version [Earth-1] of Ronnie is dead because he sacrificed himself to save the city, but you know there is always Earth-3, Earth-4, Earth-5..."

When asked if we could see him again, Robbie says, "I hope so!"

Robbie Amel Firestorm

In Season 1 Ronnie is presumed dead from the particle accelerator explosion while saving the lives of his co-workers. However, he survived and merged with Professor Martin Stein, who was on site with the F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M. matrix. The two became the metahuman Firestorm.

In the beginning of The Flash Season 2, Firestorm helps Barry Allen defeat Reverse Flash, which horrible injures both Ronnie and Martin. Again, Ronnie is presumed dead when his body couldn't be recovered.

When Team Flash travels to Earth-2, they discover Ronnie's counterpart and doppleganger Deathstorm who is partnered up with Killer Frost (Caitlyn Snow's doppleganger). The Flash killled Deathstorm, once again causing a version of Ronnie Raymond to die.

That smirk on Robbie Amell's face tells us that we just might end up seeing him show up again on The Flash Season 3.


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