'The Flash' Costume Full Concept Art Revealed

The Flash's fourth season is in full swing and with Barry back and Team Flash busier than ever trying to deal with the new metahumans his return created fans are now getting a look at the concept art for Barry's new Flash suit.

Illustrator and designer Andy Poon recently took to Instagram to share a look at his concept art for Barry Allen's (Grant Gustin) new Flash costume as upgraded by Cisco (Carlos Valdes). You can check out the art, including a closeup of the new suit, below.

With Barry's season four suit, the differences are in the details. This new Flash suit is a brighter red than previous incarnations and appears to have a more fitted, almost armor-like design. The small details of the suit are also a bit more streamlined, with the suit's belt being a bit smaller and thinner. There are also more touches of gold on the costume and as for the cowl, the suit sees the addition of lightning bolts at the ears.

What Poon's illustration isn't able to show, however, are all of the upgrades the new suit has, according to Cisco. In the season's second episode, Barry's upgraded suit is shown to have a lot of fancy new technology and while most of it was removed after Barry had a rather unpleasant run in with the tech-manipulating villain Kilg%re, the suit had every feature a superhero could want, including handy features to keep anyone from discovering the Flash's true identity.

This new look at the concept art for Barry's suit isn't the first time that Poon has shared a look at the work that went into bringing costumes in the Arrowverse to life. Recently Poon shared images of both Mr. Terrific's (Echo Kellum) and Wild Dog's (Rick Gonzales) new looks which debuted in Arrow's season six premiere.


The Flash airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.