'The Flash': The Thinker Gets a New Host in "Subject 9"

The Flash returned from a month-long hiatus tonight, and introduced some new complications [...]

The Flash returned from a month-long hiatus tonight, and introduced some new complications regarding the season's Big Bad.

Spoilers for tonight's episode of The Flash, "Subject 9" below!

Tonight's episode saw Team Flash tracking down Izzy Bowin/The Fiddler (Miranda MacDougall), a country music artist with the ability to manipulate sound. As they explained to Izzy, she was one of the "bus metas" created by Clifford DeVoe/The Thinker, and he would be searching after her to be able to steal her powers (and possibly her body as well).

Ultimately, Izzy decided to face DeVoe herself, and wasn't really helped by Team Flash coming to help her. DeVoe used the Thinking Cap to upload his consciousness into Izzy's body, to the shock of Ralph Dibny/Elongated Man (Hartley Sawyer) and the rest of Team Flash.

Later, Izzy!DeVoe joined Marlize DeVoe/The Mechanic (Kim Engelbrecht) in their lab, where they conspired about how to find the remaining three bus metas.

So, what does this mean for the rest of The Flash's fourth season? For one thing, it means the sad end (for now) of Becky Sharpe/Hazard (Sugar Lyn Beard), who was the most recent host for DeVoe's body.

But in a way, there's no telling how long DeVoe will stay in Izzy's body, despite his repeated remarks about it being a "better" one. Could Izzy be DeVoe's host for the remainder of the season, with her just zapping up the remaining bus metas' powers along the way? Or will he jump bodies yet again -- into a more familiar host?

On one hand, there's an argument to be made for DeVoe not swapping bodies anymore, both from a narrative standpoint, and from the fact that the act is close to becoming a recurring joke at this point. But on the other hand, there's a chance that DeVoe could be wanting to hop into Ralph, or maybe even into Barry's.

Either way, The Flash fans will just have to stay tuned to find out.

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The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on the CW.