'The Flash' Reportedly Adding Three New Metahumans

This season of The Flash has brought a wide array of metahumans to the small screen, and it looks like a few more could be entering the fold.

That Hashtag Show recently uncovered three new casting descriptions of the hit The CW series, which seem to hint at quite an array of characters appearing in the later episodes of season four. The first casting description is for a genderbent and racebent version of Null, a somewhat-obscure DC Comics villain with the ability to manipulate gravity.

"[NULL] Female, mid 20s, African American. An accomplished jewel thief who has escaped capture for a long time. Has the ability to manipulate gravity. Sassy, but dangerous. RECURRING GUEST STAR"

Perhaps this new female version of Null is one of DeVoe's three remaining "bus metas", something that is expected to play a role in the later part of this season. Last night's episode saw DeVoe hopping into yet another body - that of Izzy Bowin/The Fiddler (Miranda MacDougall) - and gearing up to find the rest of the metas before Team Flash gets to them first. And in a way, the second description could also factor into that storyline in an interesting way, as it appears to be Edwin Gauss/Folded Man.

"[EDWIN] Male, 30s, Open Ethnicity. A hippie-type, Edwin has his life upended when he develops a power that makes him very hard to track."

Folded Man potentially coming to The Flash is interesting, especially considering developments in last night's episode. Towards the end, Cisco Ramon/Vibe (Carlos Valdes) revealed that DeVoe is possibly hiding inside a pocket dimension, meaning that Folded Man's ability to literally warp dimensions could prove to be useful for Team Flash.

And the final casting description is a pretty colorful one, as it hints at the arrival of Lord Crucifer.

"[CRUCIFER] The leader of the Tenth Circle, Crucifer is a scarred brute who fights Breacher (Danny Trejo). No lines."

For the uninitiated, Crucifer is a member of the Tenth Circle, a group of vampires that the Amazons banished into another dimension. Crucifer did briefly return to the regular dimension, and attempted to host his fellow vampires inside the bodies of superheroes.

As similar as that sounds to what DeVoe is currently doing, it appears that The Flash will be using Crucifer in a different role. The television version of Crucifer will serve as yet another inter-dimensional foe to Breacher (Danny Trejo), although there's no telling how substantial his presence will be.

the flash null crucifer folded man

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The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.