The Flash's Carlos Valdes Reveals Where Cisco Is When Season 6 Kicks Off

Of all of the characters on Team Flash, Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes) was left in some pretty interesting circumstances after The Flash's Season 5 finale, after officially shedding the mantle of Vibe and getting rid of his metahuman powers. During a recent panel at Salt Lake's FanX convention, Valdes spoke about what that change means for Cisco's future on the show, especially when Season 6 first picks up.

"We find him in a great place, you know?" Valdes explained. "Like we don't want to see him miserable. So Cisco's having the time of his life. He's got a new girlfriend, Camila. He's living his life. He's definitely living his best life. I think maybe there's a small part of him that, you know, misses some of the cool stuff about the powers. But I think right now, he's very happy with where things are."

Given where we left Cisco at the end of Season 5, this certainly makes sense. In the episode's final moments, Cisco took the metahuman cure and seemingly appeared to leave Team Flash and STAR Labs to have a normal life. Valdes later confirmed that he would not be leaving the show, and the Season 6 trailer hinted that Cisco would still be a part of the team, as they deal with the immediate aftermath of losing Nora West-Allen (Jessica Parker Kennedy).

"Season 6 picks up like 10 seconds after Season 5 so Barry and Iris are still dealing with the loss of Nora, it's very raw, it's very fresh," series star Candice Patton recently told "We see them very early on, Episode 1, really grappling with how to deal with the loss of Nora so they can move forward in a healthy way and deal with the upcoming "Crisis on Infinite Earths"."

And of course, that upcoming "Crisis" is expected to bring about some unexpected changes for the show's ensemble, especially since it's happening much earlier than earlier thought.

"When I first read the pilot, and then I saw the pilot, I always assumed that ["Crisis on Infinite Earths"] would be the series finale," former showrunner Todd Helbing previously explained to "So yeah, I like it a lot, moving it up. Look, there are so many things we can do after that. I think it's a nice way to get to that sooner than later, and it has changed my view of the show. I think it actually sort of is going to inject a new sense of energy into the show, which in a season-six show you always want. I think the timing is perfect."

"I can't spoil too much because I haven't read it yet," series star Grant Gustin told earlier this summer. "I've been teased a lot from our guys what it's going to be. The Monitor shows up at the end of our first episode and says the universe is in jeopardy and in order to save the universe, Barry Allen has to die. And Barry Allen doesn't know about this deal Oliver made with the Monitor, either, so someone's gonna die."


The Flash's sixth season will begin Tuesday, October 8th, at 8/7c on The CW.