The Flash Goes on Hiatus Until May 4th

The seventh season of The CW's The Flash is well underway and has seen some major shifts in the [...]

The seventh season of The CW's The Flash is well underway and has seen some major shifts in the long-running Arrowverse series. Not only did the team say goodbye to pretty much every iteration of Harrison Wells (all played by Tom Cavanagh) early on, restore Barry's (Grant Gustin) speed, and save Iris (Candice Patton) and others from the Mirror Universe, but they've found themselves dealing with wholly unexpected new challenges as well. The Speed Force is back and manifesting as a person -- specifically, one that looks like Barry's late mother, Nora (Michelle Harrison). There are three new forces -- the Still, Strength, and Sage Forces -- to deal with. And on top of that, Frost and Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) have started living separate lives quite literally only for Frost to turn herself into the authorities this week for her past misdeeds. What happens next could be another major blow to Team Flash, but fans will have to wait to see how that works out. The series is going on a brief hiatus and will not return until May 4th.

Next week, on April 20th, The Flash will re-air last week's episode, "The One With the Nineties". That episode saw Chester (Brandon McKnight) and Cisco (Carlos Valdes) end up in the past repeating the same day in 1998 over and over again. The episode is one that McKnight told changes "everything" for Chester.

"So it changes everything for him. The biggest thing about Chester is he's such a fun-loving guy and such a happy dude. But the way I like to explain him is he's a fan of the show who's on the show and he's a kid in a man's body," McKnight said. "And so with that being on Team Flash and seeing these people who do the things that he loves to do and the things that he loves to witness at the highest level, there's a little bit of imposter syndrome in there and there's a little bit of lack of confidence and not really knowing where he stands and not really knowing if he fits and if he's smart enough to do this and if he can handle all the things that come with being a member of Team Flash. So going back in time and dealing with some of these things that he's been carrying, that's direct correlation to his relationships with the people in his life and the people in his past where he hasn't always felt like he measured up."

On April 27th, the series will re-air "Growing Pains, leading into the series' return with new episodes on May 4th that will see Frost face her fate when she's sentenced in Central City court -- something that the preview hints may not go that well for her. In the preview, it seems like the prosecution is not only determined to see Frost pay for her crimes but pay for them by losing her powers. With Frost being separated from Caitlin, it's possible that could actually destroy her, thus ending Frost's newfound life of her own before she's really had a chance to get it started.

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW. The series will be on a short hiatus and will return with new episodes on May 4th.