'The Flash' Casts B.D. Wong as the Voice of Godspeed

The Flash returned from a brief hiatus tonight, bringing fans a look at a version of the Arrowverse's future. In the process, it introduced a highly-anticipated villain -- and seems to have enlisted a familiar face to voice him.

Spoilers for tonight's episode of The Flash, "Godspeed", below! Only look if you want to know!

The episode followed the origins of sorts for Nora West-Allen (Jessica Parker Kennedy), as fans got to see how she began to work with Eobard Thawne (Tom Cavanagh) in the future. At the beginning of the episode, Nora was a CSI investigating a string of robberies at medical labs, which led her into a whole new kind of challenge. While visiting a lab that had yet to be robbed, Nora was attacked by a speedster in an all-white suit, who remarked that he was the "god of speed" before running away.

As the opening credits of the episode appeared to reveal, Godspeed is voiced by none other than B.D. Wong.

Wong is no stranger to the comic book world, previously playing Hugo Strange on Gotham. His filmography also includes the Jurassic Park franchise, Mr. Robot, and Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. Wong marks the latest character actor to voice a mysterious speedster on The Flash, with Tony Todd voicing Zoom and Tobin Bell voicing Savitar.

Godspeed first appeared in The Flash: Rebirth #1, and was created by Joshua Williamson and Carmine Di Giandomenico. The character is a relatively recent addition to the Flash mythos and has an ability that most speedsters would die for. He has the ability to separate speedsters from their connection to the speed force, which can kill them in the process. It makes him immensely deadly, which is not to mention all the other things he can do, including possibly even being faster than The Flash. The character of August Heart initially started out as a friend of Barry Allen, but once he was revealed to be Godspeed he went all villain, and we're not quite sure how the show will handle his motivations.

"Godspeed" brought a version of the character's origins to life, as Nora eventually learned that August Heart was also operating as the villain and that he was trying to recreate Velocity 9 and become a speedster forever. Nora faced off against him before he could grab the final ingredient to make V-9, and was able to outsmart him with the help of Thawne. August was then apprehended for the CCPD (at least, for now).

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The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.