The Flash Recap With Spoilers: Crisis Is Looming in "The Last Temptation of Barry Allen, Part 2"

In less than a week, The CW will be kicking off its epic "Crisis on Infinite Earths" crossover, a five-episode event that is set to change what we know about the Arrowverse's multiverse. Before the franchise's heroes - and a slew of guest stars - begin to officially wage their war against the Anti-Monitor (LaMonica Garrett), there are a handful of plotlines that need to be wrapped up. That's especially the case for The Flash, which ended on a cliffhanger of Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) being corrupted by Bloodwork (Sendhil Ramamurthy). So, how does "The Last Temptation of Barry Allen" come to a close? And what's up with Nash Wells (Tom Cavanagh) becoming Pariah? Read on to find out.


Team Flash recovers from their injuries from corrupted Barry. Cisco immediately activates Babel Protocol, which stop Barry from coming into Star Labs. Cisco then tries to come up with a plan to stop Barry and Ramsey, but it would involve firing them with radiation.

Barry and Ramsey confront Joe and Frost, and then tell the zombies to kill them. Barry later sends a message asking Iris to meet up with him, and she follows it, despite Cisco telling her not to go. She teleports to the apartment and finds Barry there -- or really, Ramsey controlling Barry. Ramsey tries to convince Iris to join their side, but she refuses. She tries to get through to Barry, but he threatens to kill her instead. Iris teleports back to Star Labs, but wants to try getting through to Barry again. Cisco realizes that beating Bloodwork is exactly what Barry was preparing them for, because he's too far gone to help them anymore.

Joe and Frost fight off the zombies in the park, and Joe ultimately gets bitten. Allegra then arrives and helps them transport Joe to safety.

Cisco teleports to Ramsey and fires the radiation at him, but is suddenly stopped by Barry. Ramsey decides that Cisco will serve another purpose -- setting off the particle accelerator again to infect the entire city with Ramsey's virus. They then realize that Barry had already hacked the particle accelerator for Ramsey's plan.

Joe, Allegra, and Frost come back to Star Labs, and they begin to operate on Joe. Caitlin helps Frost get over her panic about operating on people, and she is able to help Joe.

Cisco and Iris try to figure out their next move, and realize that everyone should have worked together on a plan to save Barry. They then realize that Barry is trying to send them a message through the corruption, just as Ramsey and Barry arrive. Barry tells Iris and Cisco to "let the light in", and they agree to lower the defenses of Star Labs. Ramsey, Barry, and the zombies arrive and begin to infiltrate Star Labs. Cisco tells Allegra to provide the antidote to the zombies, in the form of a massive UV blast.

Ramsey and Barry go into the particle accelerator, and Ramsey orders Barry to choke Iris as Ramsey's blood infects the technology. Iris and Ramsey struggle for control of Barry, culminating in Iris shooting Ramsey down with a blast. Allegra arrives and shoots the particle accelerator with UV light. It works, turning everyone back to normal.

Barry wakes up, seemingly back to normal, and chases after Ramsey. Ramsey turns into a giant blood monster, and he and Barry begin to fight in the city street. Ramsey is then distracted by the return of his dead mother -- or really, a projection of her that Barry put in his mind. She tells him that he's gone astray, and offers to save him. Barry distracts Ramsey and brings him into the MAC chamber, trapping him inside and eventually transporting him to ARGUS custody.

Frost thanks Caitlin for helping her, and tells her that she's the one who needs to be around when Crisis happens.

The team sits waiting for Crisis to begin. Barry offers to give Joe his watch before Crisis, but Joe tells him he's not going anywhere. The team tells Barry how much he means to them. Iris tells Barry that their love story isn't ending even with Crisis, and Barry applies that idea to how Team Flash feels about each other. The clock then strikes midnight, and red skies begin to envelop the Earth.

Other tidbits from the episode include:

  • Kamilla and Cecile, as well as the other citizens of Central City, begin to panic after Ramsey shuts down communication and unleashes his zombies. Cecile begins to be paralyzed by the fear that she feels from everyone in the city - including Ramsey's zombies - but Kamilla argues that that's a useful tool. They try to escape the building, as Cecile telepathically senses fear off of the zombies. They ultimately escape.
  • During the blackout, Nash Wells visits the underground tunnel and begins to talk to the disembodied voice of The Monitor. The Monitor proclaims that he will give him the knowledge he desires if he worships him, but Nash refuses. Nash is then attacked by several of Bloodwork's zombies.
  • Later, Nash agrees to submit to The Monitor -- and officially turns into Pariah.

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.