The Flash-Supergirl Musical Crossover Set Photos Offer First Look at Music Meister

Aside from Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and a very drunk Dr. Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker) performing Grease's "Summer Nights," Dr. Martin Stein (Victor Garber) impressively impersonating Hitler's favorite singer, Max Laurenz, and Earth-2 Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) as a crooning lounge singer, we haven't heard most of the Arrowverse characters belt out a tune. However, that will change when The Flash-Supergirl musical crossover episodes arrives later this season.

To come up with a plausible reason for them to break into song and dance, they'll go up against Music Meister — a villain who first appeared in the animated series Batman: The Brave and the Bold and was voiced by Neil Patrick Harris. He can hypnotize people with his singing voice, making them sing, dance, and, of course, commit crimes. The live-action version will be portrayed by Darren Criss, who starred in FOX's musical show Glee alongside Gustin and Supergirl herself, Melissa Benoist.

Even though the two-part crossover won't begin airing until Monday, March 20, filming of it has already commenced on the Vancouver set. On Friday, local photographers were able to snap the first look at Criss as the Music Meister, who filmed scenes with Kid Flash (Keiynan Lonsdale), Martian Manhunter (David Harewood), and Vibe (Carlos Valdes).

You can check out those images in the tweets below, as well as behind-the-scenes photos that Criss and Harewood posted to their official Instagram accounts.


All play and no work. @christophrwood @grantgust @davidharewood #martianmanhunter #theflash #monEl

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Iris West.#theflashseason3 #crossover

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