The Joker Roller Coaster Gets A First Test Run At Six Flags

Six Flags Great Adventure is gearing up for its summer season in Jackson, NJ and its doing so with [...]

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Six Flags Great Adventure is gearing up for its summer season in Jackson, NJ and its doing so with a new ride themed after DC Comics icon and upcoming Suicide Squad character: The Joker.

The theme park, which is already home to the world's tallest roller coaster, launched the first test run of its new The Joker 4-D roller coaster. On a 4-D roller coaster, passengers are strapped into paired seats which ride outside of the coaster's track. As the ride travels vertically, the riders seats flip unpredictably with their momentum. It is only ninth roller coaster of its kind.

Six Flags Great Adventure is already home to several DC Comics themed roller coasters and thrill rides, including the flying roller coaster Man of Steel, the stand-up roller coaster Green Lantern, an inverted coasted called Batman: The Ride, and the floorless Bizarro. It even features an indoor thriller called The Dark Knight Coaster which took the place of the dueling Batman & Robin: The Chiller. Each DC themed ride is a unique type of coaster.

Great Adventure has a history of installing innovative roller coasters. In 2005, it introduced the world's tallest and fastest ride at 456 feet tall and 128 miles per hour and in 2006 it unleashed El Toro, a 188-foot-tall wooden roller coaster with the steepest drop of any wooden ride in the world.

The Joker, which is not the first time the Six Flags brand has used the name for a ride, is predicted to open in time for Memorial Day weekend. Locals to the park will likely see a soft, unannounced opening of the ride a couple of days, if not weeks in advance.

Six Flags Over Baltimore features a launching roller coaster called The Joker's Jinx which hurls riders into a ball of twisted steel for a total of four inversions.

The Joker's next movie, Suicide Squad, is set for release