The Rock Gets A Superman Costume

A lot of people look at Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson as a super hero for the nonstop inspirational [...]

A lot of people look at Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as a super hero for the nonstop inspirational work he does around the world. One of his friends, however, sent him a gift to share their view of him.

Johnson's partner at Seven Bucks Productions, Casey Patterson, pulled a Superman costume from Warner Brothers' secret vault to say Johnson is a real life hero. Whether or not the suit fits the Great One, who is just a little bit above average when it comes to muscular build, is doubtful. The suit looks like one Henry Cavill would have worn for Man of Steel of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Johnson will likely appear on screen with Cavill in that Superman costume, one day. Slated for 2019, the wrestler turned Hollywood star is set to play Black Adam in the upcoming Shazam! movie. In the world of ensembles, the crossover seems inevitable.

What a gift! Right before our big #RockTheTroops🇺🇸 show (airs Dec 13th), our @sevenbucksprod partner @caseypattersontv aka the "greatest gift giver in the world" brought this into my trailer - an authentic Superman costume straight from the super secret vaults of Warner Bros. She didn't give it to me to wear in our show, but rather she wanted me to know that this is how she see's me in real life. I'm too smart to argue w/ a brilliant woman! 😉 Luv you Case for this "super cool" gift and luv you even more for not putting my kryptonite in this box as well. Though I'm not sure how that would even fit in a 📦🤔. #BigBrownBaldTattooedVersionOfSuperman #NoKryptoniteInSight #RockTheTroops🇺🇸 DECEMBER 13th on @spike.

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"There's a great opportunity between [Black Adam and Shazam]." Johnson's producer Hiram Garcia told "I was always a fan of Superman and his mythology as I grew up. I remember it was Alex Ross's Kingdom Come that was the first time that ever made me look at Shazam just differently. I always knew of Shazam but I thought Alex Ross portrayed him and drew him in a badass, epic way that helped support the epic conflict him and Superman had. It just made me look at Shazam and think 'This is a bad motherf---er!'"

"That whole world of Shazam and Black Adam is filled with so much great potential," Garcia said. "Our take on that world is first and foremost about bad ass fun. Movies like that can of course be grounded with real stakes but it doesn't mean they can't be a blast. That's the space we always wanted to live in."

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Johnson is currently hard at work on the remake of Jumanji which hits theaters next year. This Superman suit was given to him on the set of his Rock the Troops special, which will air on December 13.