The Suicide Squad Star Wants to Return to the DCEU as a Real Supervillain

The Suicide Squad was finally released this weekend and it has a range of awesome characters, [...]

The Suicide Squad was finally released this weekend and it has a range of awesome characters, including Ratcatcher 2/Cleo Cazo, the character played by Daniela Melchior who was created by James Gunn. Out of all the villains and antiheroes featured in the new movie, Cleo is easily the most good, landing in Belle Reve for a non-violent crime. In fact, Gunn recently referred to the character as "the heart of the film," and Melchoir pointed out that "she's not a supervillain yet because she never killed anyone." The keyword here is "yet" considering Melchoir just spoke with Entertainment Tonight and alluded to wanting a more villainous future.

"She had the opportunity to talk about her father, so I would love to see a little bit more about it. But I would love, also, to see Ratcatcher learning from, I don't know, why not Bloodsport? How to shoot a gun, how to fight with someone, I would love to see her debut as a supervillain for real," Melchoir shared.

Gunn previously told The Los Angeles Times, "She's not a killer. She's not a murderer. She's in prison for doing something stupid with rats, that probably any of us would do, if we had a rat and a [special] wand and were incredibly poor." Melchoir added, "This was a good opportunity to see her first mission and it's a good starting point. Maybe in other things — if there are any other things — we can see her learning those skills. Learning how to kill someone if she has to, learning how to fight or learning how to deal with her daddy issues in a better way."

During another recent chat with, Melchior talked about working with live rats during her audition for the film.

"So, they brought this really big plastic box with the rats already opened and they didn't tell me anything," Melchior shared. "They wanted to see what I was going to do. So, I was like, 'Oh my God. So sweet.' And I wasn't pretending, I swear. I picked one up, and then he was crawling on my shoulder. I picked another one. Then I found myself... Me and James [Gunn], we looked like little kids playing with toys. We were so happy to have them. And I guess I passed the test."

The Suicide Squad is now playing in theatres and is available to watch on HBO Max.