'The Terrifics' #15 Review: An Electric and Nuanced New Chapter

The Terrifics has carved a delightfully bizarre home for itself in the DC Comics universe, [...]

The Terrifics has carved a delightfully bizarre home for itself in the DC Comics universe, becoming so much more than the Fantastic Four pastiche fans initially thought it would be. The series' 15th issue, which arrives in stores today, serves as a pretty great jumping-on point for new readers while still honoring the weird and wonderful tone that has been set thus far.

The first part of "The God Game" arc showcases the fallout of the multiverse shenanigans that have recently plagued the team, including the arrival of the alternate-universe Paula Holt. As Michael gets to know the alternate version of his dead wife, the Terrifics as a whole begin facing off a new foe -- and the two storylines soon become connected in an unexpected way.

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(Photo: DC Comics)

Gene Luen Yang crafts a narrative that feels like a natural follow-up to Jeff Lemire's work with the team, with a pretty solid blend of silly quips and emotional moments. While Michael is at the center of the issue, Phantom Girl, Metamorpho, and Plastic Man essentially get their own moments to shine, whether through a visually interesting action sequence or an endearing bit of humor. It's clear that Yang truly understands what makes The Terrifics work as an unlikely found family of heroes, and it'll be interesting to see how he might craft a larger narrative for the other members of the team as his tenure on the title goes along.

One of the standout elements of the issue is the conversation it strikes about theology and belief, which plays out in a uniquely human way, even as everyone in this ensemble has larger-than-life abilities or skills. In the days of discourse about whether Superman is a god or Batman is an atheist, The Terrifics are surprisingly suited to handle this kind of storyline, while other parts of the DC universe would easily get bogged down or self-aggrandizing about it.

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Even with such a multi-faceted storyline, the issue never loses the series' unique momentum and style, in part thanks to Stephen Segovia's art. As with Lemire and Yang, Segovia feels like a pretty solid successor to Joe Bennett's art, keeping the same character style while also injecting new moments. Whether two characters are having an intimate conversation or two other characters are turning into giant snakes, Segovia's art feels like the right blend of cartoony and nuanced.

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Protobunker's coloring helps accentuate things as well, bringing the issue's diverse characters and elements a lot of depth. The hues feel just modern enough while being rather timeless, with certain fight scene sequences feeling like the best Saturday morning cartoon. The lettering from Tom Napolitano continues that energy as well, as it appeals to all-ages without demeaning any of the dialogue.

The Terrifics continues to be a comic that outdoes and exceeds whatever expectations are set for it -- and the DC universe is all the better for it. With a new creative team at the helm, bringing an interesting narrative and charming art, the next chapter of the series goes into some bizarre, but incredibly earned places. Whether you've been following the series thus far, or are looking for an excuse to jump in, this issue has something for you.

Published by DC Comics

On April 24, 2019

Written by Gene Luen Yang

Art by Stephen Segovia

Colors by Protobunker

Letters by Tom Napolitano