Krypto Kills Someone in Debut on DC Universe's Titans

The new episode of Titans finally features the long awaited debut of Superboy the his [...]

The new episode of Titans finally features the long awaited debut of Superboy the his super-powered pup Krypto as they make their escape from cold confines of Cadmus Labs and embark on a journey of self-discovery... and murder. Quite a lot of murder, if we're being honest. But considering this is Titans on DC Universe, we shouldn't be surprised. And while Superboy does his fair share of hurting against the nefarious forces that are hunting him, the most shocking death comes at the paws of Krypto himself.

In the episode called "Conner," Krypto and Superboy make their way to Lionel Luthor's farm in Smallville because of Superboy's genetic memories. Because he is a clone of both Superman AND Lex Luthor, he is imprinted with faint visions of both of their experiences, all of which originate in the small town in Kansas.

But Lex Luthor's top lieutenant Mercy Graves dispatches a team of soldiers to apprehend Superboy and Krypto, attempting to bring them back into the custody of Cadmus Labs for further research. The soldiers enter the home of Lionel Luthor, who is elderly with poor sight and immediately protests the violation of his privacy.

While Superboy is willing to give himself up, Lionel's comments cause the soldiers to violently strike him down — which in turn angers Superboy, who then systematically takes out all of the soldiers. Some of his methods are more violent and lethal, and there's no doubt that some of them were killed in the battle.

One guard shoots at Lionel, but Superboy uses his super speed and impenetrable skin to save his "grandpa's" life. But when a soldier on the outside of the house shoots a rocket launcher through the window, Superboy doesn't quite no how to respond.

Luckily he doesn't have to because Krypto the Superdog leaps into the air as the missile enters the house and grips it with his teeth, flipping around, and directing the missile right back at the soldier who fired it. Of course, the soldier explodes, and Krypto begins his tenure on DC Universe's Titans with blood on his paws.

This series might not appeal to longterm fans of the Superman mythos, especially those who really believe in the innocence of Krypto. But for those who don't mind their Krypto getting a little blood in his mouth, Titans will be a surprising change.

New episodes of Titans debut every Friday on DC Universe.