Titans: Did Deathstroke Just Kill SPOILER?

In the latest episode of Titans, the villains finally make their move and attack the young heroes, [...]

In the latest episode of Titans, the villains finally make their move and attack the young heroes, forcing them to change their approach. But while the elders of the team, including Wonder Girl and Hawk & Dove, let one slip through their fingers, another shows up with possibly deadly repercussions. And given the comic book history of the Robin known as Jason Todd, we might be looking at a tragic fate for Batman's young sidekick. And it all comes down to Doctor Light and Deathstroke, enacting their master plan on the group of heroes.

Warning: Spoilers for Titans Season 2 episode "Ghost" below.

Early on in the episode, Deathstroke reveals his plan to strike the reformed team and see how they react, determining who falls in line with Dick Grayson's orders and who goes rogue. So naturally, it doesn't take long for Jason to ignore Grayson's commands, hoping to find Doctor Light and bring him to justice himself.

He and Beast Boy track down the villain in a maintenance tunnel, though the two split up in order to cover more ground. Even Beast Boy remarks that's a bad idea, something that always portends doom in horror movies, but Robin insists. And while he does beat the crap out of Doctor Light at first, Deathstroke then shows up, revealing that they were laying a trap.

The scene cuts to Beast Boy, who hears Robin's screams and he attempts to backtrack and aid his teammate. When he arrives, all he finds is a trail of blood, leading to the end of this week's episode.

It's unclear of Jason Todd survived, but it seems like Titans Season 2 could be doing its own version of the classic Batman comic A Death in the Family, which famously involved a phone poll where readers called in to vote whether they wanted Jason Todd to live or die. The fans voted for death, and the character was beaten with a crowbar then blown up by the Joker — until his eventual resurrection as the Red Hood nearly two decades later.

With Deathstroke playing a major role and a tragic history of the older Titans, they could be setting up Jason's supposed death on the show. And we might have to wait another two weeks before we finally learn his fate, because next week's episode appears to be a flashback to the history of the team and their first brush with Deathstroke.

New episodes of Titans air every Friday on DC Universe.