'Titans': "Donna Troy" Trailer Released

Following the release of today's episode of Titans, titled 'Asylum,' DC Universe has released a [...]

Following the release of today's episode of Titans, titled "Asylum," DC Universe has released a teaser for next week's episode, titled "Donna Troy."

The episode will see Dick Grayson reconnecting with his old friend Donna Troy, and using her skills to investigate the Kory's alien roots -- and in one scene from the trailer, the name "Starfire" finally gets dropped.

Not in the way you might expect.

The trailer also raises some questions that have not yet been answered about Donna Troy's history. Is she an Amazon? Is she a human who got powers when she joined up with Wonder Woman?

In short -- Who Is Donna Troy?!

(Sorry, couldn't resist.)

On Tuesday, the first photos of actress Conor Leslie's portrayal of Donna Troy were released online. At the time, it raised some questions about Donna's relationship to the Titans, since the photos depicted Donna digging into Dick Grayson's story.

In October, Titans producer Akiva Goldsman talked with ComicBook.com about the pending introduction of Donny Troy, and he couldn't help but sing the praises of what's to come with the character.

"Wonder Girl is spectacular, and exactly what you would imagine, you know?" Goldsman teased. "We're trying to… Hawk and Dove are in the second episode, we're trying to feather [our characters] out. It's not like everybody is in every episode. We are [doing] a little bit of moving through relationships, in order to form the team."

This means it's likely that Wonder Girl will eventually join the Titans in a more full-time capacity, like she does in the comics. Whether or not that happens in the show's first season remains to be seen.

You can see the trailer above. Here's the official synopsis for the episode, which is short and sweet:

As The Titans go their separate ways, Dick turns to an old friend, Donna Troy (CONOR LESLIE), for answers.

The episode will debut next week on the DC Universe app. Titans delivers on the app on Friday mornings.

Are you excited for Donna Troy to make her debut on Titans? Which character on the show has been your favorite so far? Let us know in the comments!