'Titans' Star Conor Leslie Teases Wonder Girl's Backstory

The flagship show of the DC Universe streaming service is embracing its comic book roots, as [...]

The flagship show of the DC Universe streaming service is embracing its comic book roots, as Titans continues to play up the costumed heroics of Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy, and Raven. The latest episode further fleshed out the superheroes in the show's continuity with the major addition of Donna Troy AKA Wonder Girl.

Actress Conor Leslie made her debut in the latest episode of Titans, aptly titled "Donna Troy," and showed that the character has taken a break from super heroics and quit her role as Wonder Woman's sidekick. The character is recognized for her complex continuity in the pages of DC Comics, and Leslie teased that her character's backstory would be referenced.

"It's tricky because I don't know, part of me, when I look at where she's been in the last few years... I feel like where were going with Donna is honoring some story lines, but we're creating one," Leslie said to ComicBook.com. "We know that [Wonder Woman] has taken her from the burning building, that's established in this episode. There's some stuff with her origin that I would like to explore, but I don't think I can say that because it's referencing the last episode. There's not one that's sticking out in my head right now, honestly, but I think I'd like to see a hybrid of old school Donna and [DC Rebirth] Donna. That too is just so badass. But we'll see."

Though Leslie caught herself, she does tease that Donna Troy's history could set up some major events for the future, possibly teasing a more prominent role for Wonder Girl in the second season of Titans.

While Jason Todd only had a quick adventure with his fellow Robin before departing the show, it looks like Donna Troy is sticking around for a while — at least for this season.

"I will say that you will definitely see more Wonder Girl peek through," Leslie said. "You will see elements of her come up. Because I think we're seeing Donna in her photographer gear, Dick didn't show up, she's not wearing her suit all of a sudden, so I think fans are gonna wanna know when we'll see little peek of Wonder Girl? And you will see some in the next episode, and some of her accessories, maybe."

Expect to see a lot more of Donna Troy in future episodes of Titans, premiering on Fridays on DC Universe.