Shocking 'Titans' Finale Twist Introduces Major DC Comics Character

After an action-packed season finale, Titans and DC Universe went the extra mile and introduced [...]

After an action-packed season finale, Titans and DC Universe went the extra mile and introduced two massive characters from DC Comics lore to the show's ever-expanding roster. It's safe to say that this debut will change the entire fabric of the series going forward.

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers from the Titans Season One finale!

After the credits rolled on the Titans Season One finale, which made its debut on DC Universe Friday morning, patient viewers were treated to an extra scene that took a page out the Young Justice book. As soon as the scene began, a caption made it clear that people were seeing Metropolis on the show for the the first time. Within minutes, fans were introduced to the human experiment gone wrong known only as Superboy.

superboy titans
(Photo: DC Universe)

A science lab is seen, completely torn to shreds with doctors and scientists lying dead on the floor. Alarms are going off and smoke is rising from the ground, and a seemingly naked man is seen walking through the lab. It's clear that he's behind all the chaos.

After killing the scientists, the man walks into another cell that contains nothing but a dog in a cage. As he approaches the cage, his right shoulder becomes visible, and the iconic Superman logo is tattooed upon it, making it clear that this is Superboy. While this confirmation is certainly exciting, it's what happens next that will likely get the bigger reaction from fans.

superboy titans logo
(Photo: DC Universe)

Superboy tears the door of the dog's cage off its hinges, and the dog sits up to face him. When the camera closes in on the pup, its eyes glow red for a second or two just before the screen cuts to black.

Yes, Krypto has arrived on Titans, and he'll be accompanying Superboy on his adventures.

titans krypto
(Photo: DC Universe)

At this point, not much is known about how Superboy will fit into the story of Titans next season, but judging by this scene, he will probably start as an antagonist. If so, this would mirror the popular Superboy storyline from Young Justice.

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