'Titans' TV Series: First Look at Curran Walters as Jason Todd

It sounds like the work on the first live-action series from DC Universe is starting to kick into high gear. Set photos from the new series Titans reveal another member of the Bat Family is getting involved in the action, as Curran Walters was spotted in scenes as sidekick Jason Todd.

Take a look in the photos below:

Walters will be playing a Robin alongside actor Brenton Thwaites, who is in the lead role of Dick Grayson. The series has already revealed official images as Thwaites as Robin, though it's not clear if Walters will be suiting up in the first season of Titans.

News has been coming in hot today for the team of young sidekicks, as there was also a reported casting notice that seemed to indicate the series was looking to introduce Superboy in the Season One finale.

Though the report refers to the character as "Daniel," casting calls for superhero projects often use codenames so as to throw the fans off, but the other information made it sound like Titans would use a similar origin story to Superboy's introduction in the Young Justice animated series.

This is but one of many indications that Titans will be embracing its comic book influences, as noted by the images of Robin in costume as well as the reveal of Hawk and Dove in their comics-accurate costumes.

There are also rumors of former Wonder Woman protégé Donna Troy showing up, battles with Batman villains, trips to the streets of Gotham City, and more.

Oh, and not to mention, the series will serve as the launching pad for a Doom Patrol spinoff. That series will also feature Cyborg and might have a more mature tone than Titans, based on scripts from actors' auditions.

Titans is shaping up to be an interesting show, and it could be a strong first outing for DC Universe as they prepare to launch. The series is likely to debut alongside the return of Young Justice, but there are plans for many more programs to join the lineup of the new streaming platform.

A Harley Quinn animated series is also in the works, as well as another live-action series based on Swamp Thing. This, coupled with Warner Bros. many, many announced projects for DC Comics-based movies, indicates that there might not be a better time to be a DC fan.


Titans is rumored to premiere in 2018.

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