'Titans': Jason Todd Is a Replacement Robin

The live-action Titans series on DC Universe already has a lineup full of popular DC characters, in addition to the roster of actual Titans members. Hawk, Dove, Doom Patrol will all be making appearances, but perhaps the character that has created the most buzz is Jason Todd, the boy who has replaced Dick Grayson as Robin.

When the series begins, Dick has long been away from Batman, and is working on his own as a detective in Detroit. The influence of Batman looms over him however, and a run-in with Jason Todd doesn't exactly help the situation.

On the red carpet ahead of the Titans world premiere at New York Comic Con on Wednesday night, we had a chance to catch up with Brenton Thwaites, who plays Dick Grayson in the series, and ask him about his relationship with Jason.

"Well, Jason Todd has become a replacement for Dick Grayson, so he has fulfilled my position working for Batman," Thwaites told us. "So there's a little bit of tension in the scenes where we meet because I have left for a reason. Like I was saying, it's not the way of fighting crime that I believe in, and Jason Todd is, what I think, being brainwashed by Batman to believe that this brutal, destructive, murderous way of fighting crime isn't right. So there's a little bit of tension in me trying to teach him to right those wrongs and to not do everything he says."

As he continued, Thwaites revealed that Jason doesn't come into the picture until the second half of the season, and that his appearance comes with a lot of complicated emotions for Dick.

"Those scenes, I think it's episode seven when he comes in, were really fun," the actor said. "They were really banter-y, and you know there's a part of Dick Grayson for sure that misses that way of life, that kind of wishes he could get a little touch of what it was like to fight crime with Batman but at the end of the day he really sticks to his belief and really fights for what he believes in and tries to find his own path."

At this point, it's unclear how big of a role Jason will have in the first season, or what his story will entail. In the comics, Jason replaced Dick as Robin after Dick became Nightwing. However, this decision haunted Bruce because Jason was later killed.

Eventually, Jason was brought back to life and became the villain known as the Red Hood. Judging by the way Thwaites describes Jason's character, and the blind loyalty he has to Batman, there's a good chance that a potential Red Hood story is in his future.


Unfortunately, we will still have to wait a little longer to find out. Until then, you can watch the entire interview with Brenton Thwaites in the video above!

Titans is set to release its first episode on Friday, October 12 on the DC Universe streaming service.