New 'Titans' Preview Reveals Original Hawk & Dove

It looks like next Friday's new episode of Titans is going to turn back the clock a bit, and give fans the backstory of two of the show's popular characters, Hawk and Dove.

On Friday, after the latest Titans arrived on DC Universe, the preview for the next episode teased a fairly standalone episode that explained where Hank (Alan Richtson) and Dawn (Minka Kelly) came from. In one quick scene that might surprise die-hard fans of DC Comics, it looks as though we get a glimpse at the original Hawk & Dove pairing, which didn't include Dawn as Hank's partner.

When Hawk & Dove were first created by Steve Ditko and Steve Skeates in 1968, the duo was actually made up of two brothers. Hank Hall was Hawk, as he remains today, but the Dove mantle was taken up by Don Hall. Don was later killed during the Crisis on Infinite Earths series and he was ultimately replaced by Dawn Granger.

In the preview, it looks as though the the same story will unfold on Titans as the new series gives a little more depth to Hank and Dawn, who have been absent since the third episode of the series following a fall that put the latter in a coma. The new footage is focused solely on their backstory, with all of the other Titans missing from the fold, but they aren't alone. There is another character in the preview whom Dawn refers to as Hank's brother.

While there haven't been any specific details released about this new character, the scenes in this preview make it pretty obvious that he's the show's version of Don Hall. Since we've seen Dawn in the Dove suit during the current timeline of the series, it won't be surprising if Don is killed by the time the episode ends.

You can check out the full preview for the "Hank and Dawn" episode of Titans in the video above!

Do you think DC Universe will include the original version of Hawk & Dove on Titans next week? Is there any way Don could escape death? Let us know in the comments!

New episodes of Titans are released every Friday on DC Universe.