Titans Season 2 Trailer Released

As Jason Todd screams just a few seconds into the Season 2 trailer, the Titans are back, baby! The debut original series from DC Universe is preparing to launch its second season in just one month, and in honor of the upcoming premiere, the first trailer for the upcoming installment has been released online. All of your favorite Titans characters are back for Season 2, along with some faces brand new to the show.

Excited to finally have more Titans in your life? Check out the full trailer for Titans Season 2 in the trailer above!

In addition to the main Titans cast, there is a massive crop of additions making their debuts in this minute of footage. The trailer literally begins with the arrival of Bruce Wayne, played by Game of Thrones alum Iain Glen. Other characters like Aqualad, Deathstroke, and Superboy also appear throughout the trailer, though the latter made his debut in the post-credits scene following the Season 1 finale.

The new characters will certainly be a talking point for fans from this trailer, but there are still a couple of major question marks about the events of the actual plot of the series. Remember, the first season ended with Trigon taking over the mind of Dick Grayson, leaving the entire team in panic mode trying to figure out what to do next. There's not a whiff of that in this trailer, suggesting that the problem is dealt with rather quickly.

It looks as though most of this season will be spent dealing with the aftermath of Superboy's escape, as well as the arrival of Deathstroke as a main villain. Both of his children are set to appear in the season, with one or both of them likely defecting to the Titans to fight against their father.


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Titans Season 2 premieres on September 6th on DC Universe.

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