Superman & Lois: The Flash's Tom Cavanagh to Direct Season Finale

Tom Cavanagh may be leaving The Flash, but he isn't quite done with the Arrowverse just yet. In an [...]

Tom Cavanagh may be leaving The Flash, but he isn't quite done with the Arrowverse just yet. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the Harrison Wells actor revealed that he will direct the Season 1 finale of the newest entry in The CW's shared DC universe, Superman & Lois. Cavanagh previously directed the 100th episode of The Flash and told the outlet that he's grateful to be invited to direct on Superman & Lois as well.

"They asked me to direct their finale," Cavanagh said. "As you know, I directed the 100th episode of Flash and I embraced the pomp and circumstance of these types of episodes, and I'm really grateful to be jumping on board Superman & Lois."

He continued, "And let's talk about that for a second. It's a funny thing to say, like, 'Wait... Superman!' I love the fact that's a Warner Bros. property that's getting yet another go-around. I love the fact that they're getting to the emotional and familial heart of it. I'm just really looking forward to directing their finale. That doesn't start for a couple weeks when we [head into] prep. I'm just so grateful for the invitation."

Cavanagh also spoke about the cinematic elements of Superman & Lois and how it's visually different from The Flash.

"Superman & Lois isn't a comedy, and I think the richness of the emotion they're trying to bring is mirrored by their cinematic style. I think it looks ridiculously great," Cavanagh said. "I remember the [shot of] the amber waves of grain and the sun setting with the iconic Kent mailbox in front of the Smallville farmhouse, it says so much! If you're a fan of the comic, that shot is pulled out from the best artwork that Superman has offered over the years and they're doing it on camera. It's really wonderful."

As for his departure from The Flash, Cavanagh said he is open to coming back for additional appearances without hesitation.

"I feel like all of us on The Flash feel a certain sense of propriety toward the show and when Greg Berlanti calls, I don't think there's ever any hesitation. I think one of the grand things about the show is the collaboration I've had with him. It's not just a sense of, 'When this guy calls, he's so prolific, I best go.' It's more a sense of, 'When this guy calls and he's so wonderful, I can't wait to go,' Cavanagh said.

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW. Superman & Lois airs immediately following that series at 9/8c.