Superman & Lois: New Midseason Return Poster Released

Superman & Lois remains on hiatus, but The CW wants to remind fans that the wait for new episodes of the DC Comics-inspired series aren't too far away. The network released a new poster on Monday featuring Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) and Lois (Elizabeth Tulloch) flying up, up, and away. The verbiage on the bottom of the poster reminds fans that new episodes of the series return on Tuesday, May 18th at 9/8c. The series' time slot is currently inhabited by Supergirl, which is airing the first part of its sixth and final season.

When Superman & Lois returns, it will pick up with "Smells Like Teen Spirit", the sixth episode of the season. Based on the preview for the episode, it will pick up where "The Best of Smallville" left off with Jordan (Alexander Garfin) being ambushed by his now-powered classmate. The episode will also see Lois discovering something sinister going on with Morgan Edge (Adam Rayner) and his plans for the mines around Smallville. There's also the matter of Captain Luthor (Wole Parks). Coming from another Earth where Superman wasn't the hero he is on Earth-Prime, it was also revealed at the end of "The Best of Smallville" that, on his world, Luthor and Lois were married and it's heavily implied that the Superman of that world played a role in her death.

When Superman & Lois returns in May, it will move forward in completing the rest of its first season. Supergirl will finish up its season later in the summer. The creative schedule situation is a product of a COVID-19 related shutdown in Superman & Lois' production earlier in the schedule, requiring the hiatus in order for the series to catch up, something Tulloch herself explained on social media previously.

"We had a COVID-related shutdown and luckily everyone is fine and healthy and back to work, but it put us too behind on episodes to continue airing them without a break and now we are playing catch up," Tulloch wrote.


For now, those wanting to get caught up on Superman & Lois can check out the first five episodes of Superman & Lois as well as the special Superman & Lois: Legacy of Hope on

Superman & Lois returns Tuesday, May 18th at 9/8c on The CW.