Tom Welling Denies 'The Flash' Cameo Rumor

Don't hold your breath waiting for that Tom Welling cameo on The Flash, because the veteran DC TV [...]

Don't hold your breath waiting for that Tom Welling cameo on The Flash, because the veteran DC TV actor told SYFY Wire in a new interview that reports that such a thing was in the offing were greatly exaggerated.

Back in September, the actor was quoted as saying he had a few ideas for how he might make a cameo appearance on The CW's top-rated superhero drama, but in the follow-up interview, he says he was misquoted and that he was merely having some fun speculating.

"I was totally misquoted!" Welling said. "That was just someone asking if I could come up with an idea in the moment, like, 'Wouldn't it be funny if….' It wasn't anything more than a funny conversation about something that will probably never happen."

The original report, from Nuke the Fridge, indicated that the reporter had bumped into Welling at a studio party, so it seems possible that the actual story lies somewhere in between, with Welling having said something a little more enthusiastic and fan-friendly without realizing that he was likely to be quoted.

Even if he is, however, open to appearing on the show in some capacity, Welling made sure to clarify that while The Flash visiting the world of Smallville might be a fun theory, he is not interested in participating in practice.

"All of a sudden it came out, and people were talking about it, and I was like, 'Wait, what? That wasn't real,'" Welling said. "So unfortunately, that was just a fun conversation. One of the great things about The Flash is the fact that they can do anything at any time, which is a great tool for storytelling. Anything can happen on that show. It's like on Lucifer when he goes down to Hell to pluck souls out, or thinking about Heaven and who's in there. It's a great way to tell a story, because anything is possible. But to show up as a character I've played before on a different series? That really doesn't interest me."

The Flash airs on Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW. Welling currently appears on Lucifer, which airs Mondays at 8 on FOX.