Tyler Hoechlin's Superman Will Appear in All Three Arrowverse Crossover Episodes

Tyler Hoechlin's Superman will appear in all three episodes of this year's Batwoman-themed [...]

Tyler Hoechlin's Superman will appear in all three episodes of this year's Batwoman-themed Arrowverse crossover.

Earlier this week, The CW announced that both Superman and Lois Lane would appear in the crossover, leading to some questions about how big their role might be. The story will be Lois's first appearance in the Arrowverse, and will center on the introduction of Gotham City and Batwoman. The revelation came not through a follow-up, but as a mostly-missed detail in the original report, caught by CBR on a re-read.

One of those four episodes was only a brief cameo, so three more episodes essentially doubles Hoechlin's screen time so far as the Man of Steel. Fans should also get their first look at Superman's leadership skills; in Supergirl, he is spoken about as though he is widely admired and seen as a leader among the superhero community on Earth-38, but as yet we have only seen him interact with Supergirl, who is his cousin, and equal to him in powers.

Hoechlin, whose first comic book role was in Road to Perdition when he was 15, first appeared on Supergirl in 2016 and has popped up in four total episodes since. Appearing throughout the crossover indicates that the Man of Steel will likely cross paths with Green Arrow and his team. Yesterday, Grant Gustin confirmed that the character will share screen time with The Flash.

Little is known about the specific details of Hoechlin's Superman, other than his beloved reputation and the fact that at some point in his past he had to kill General Zod. His exact relationship with Lois Lane is also a quesiton mark, as we know they are a couple and that she knows he's Superman but it is not clear from context so far whether they are dating, engaged, or married.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow will not have an episode featured in the crossover this year.

The Flash will return with new episodes on Tuesday, October 9 at 8 PM ET/PT on THe CW, followed byBlack Lightning (which is not technically part of the Arrowverse) at 9 PM. Supergirl premieres the next week on Sunday, October 14 at 8 PM, followed by Arrow on Monday, October 15 at 8 PM. DC's Legends of Tomorrow will return on Monday, October 22 at 9 PM. The as-yet-untitled crossover event will from Sunday, December 9 through Tuesday, December 11.