Original Watchmen Star Is "Loving" HBO Series

HBO's Watchmen is nearly halfway through its initial run, and it's treating fans to a pretty unique take on the iconic DC graphic novel. The television series marks the second time that the Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons story has inspired a live-action adaptation, after a Zack Snyder-directed movie was released in 2009. While the television series - which is set thirty years after the original novel's "events" - has gone into some new narrative territory, it's courted quite a lot of fans in the process -- including one of the film's stars. In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Patrick Wilson was asked if he'd gotten a chance to watch the series. Give the fact that Wilson portrayed Nite Owl in the original film - and also starred in a 2002 revival of Oklahoma!, which the series has a unique narrative tie to - he confirmed that he has.

"I have! When the guy comes on and his name’s Judd, I’m like, 'Well, he’s not long for this world," Wilson said with a laugh. "Unfortunately, when you know the score like I do, you’re like, 'Okay, poor Judd is about to die.' I’m loving it; I’ve seen every episode. Of course, I was curious because I had such reverence and love not only for the graphic novel and film but the experience of making the movie. The friends of mine in that cast are some of the greatest people I’ve worked with. I have such a warm feeling for Watchmen. So, I was all keyed up to watch it."

Wilson also offered some high praise for his former Fargo costar Jean Smart, who is playing Laurie Blake/Silk Spectre on the series.

"And then, in one of those trailers, I saw Archie, my ship, as I call it. It was not drawn for me, but I take ownership… I thought, 'Oh my God, who’s flying that thing?'" Wilson joked. "I just love watching Jean. Obviously, I did Fargo with Jean, but another one of my favorite little movies that I did was Barry Munday, and Jean played my mom. I love her, and I thought she was fantastic last week. I can’t wait to watch her and Regina (King) go toe-to-toe. It’s great."


"I know. It’s awesome," Wilson continued. "I love that she stayed at a hotel called 'The Black Freighter.' I just love all that stuff that makes people say, 'I don’t get it,' and I’m like, 'You don’t know it yet. It’s okay; just stick with it.'"

Watchmen airs Sundays at 9/8c on HBO.