Who Was The Flash Talking About In Batman v Superman?

Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice debuted to strong numbers in its HBO release this past week, [...]

Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice debuted to strong numbers in its HBO release this past week, and fans of the DC films are still going back for repeat viewings. Despite the critical backlash of the film, audiences are still finding time to watch the superhero clash.

No matter how many times you watch the movie, there is still one scene that draws a lot of speculation. Whether you thought it was a good movie or not, one scene still stands as a giant question mark in regards to the future of the DCEU.

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The scene in question is just after the Knightmare, when The Flash appears to Bruce. When being pulled back by lighting, presumably the Speed Force, it's clear that Barry is coming from the future. He says "Lois Lane is the key", that "he's too soon", "You've always been right about him", and "fear him". As Barry is fading away, he says, "you have to find us Bruce."

The last sentence is the easiest to comprehend, as he's talking about the Justice League. When it comes to the rest of the warning, fans were convinced that Barry was talking about Superman. However, that isn't the case.

On the Hall Of Justice podcast, back around the time of the film's theatrical release, Storyboard artist Jay Olivia commented on the scene.

"And remember, when Flash goes back in time, he tells him 'you were right about him.' He doesn't say exactly who 'him' is. The average audience member, and even Bruce Wayne, is going to think that he's right about Superman, when in fact he's referring to someone else."

Who else could Barry have been referring to?

The strong theory here is that The Flash is warning Bruce about Darkseid. The powerful villain is the biggest opponent of the Justice League, and he's been known to be on the way for the DCEU. In order to compete with Darkseid's arrival, Batman would need to find the other JL members. This would also explain why Barry said he was too early.

Another theory states that Barry may have been talking about Joker instead. When he said Lois was the key, he may have been referencing the Injustice storyline. When Joker causes Lois' death, Superman goes insane. After killing the Joker, Supes is on a warpath. This also lends a hand to the Knightmare sequence that Bruce had just woken up from.

Who do you think Barry was talking about?

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